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Buy a shovel please….

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I got up to take my dogs out for their early morning walk this morning and decided wearing my sneakers would be a good idea. Why did I think that would be a good idea?……Because the sidewalk in front of my house was bare….dry even.

Example of a shovelled driveway.

Little did I know that once I turned off my street it would be a completely different story. About 1/2 a kilometer in to the walk I was getting annoyed with home owners. If I had a pen and paper with me every vehicle parked in the driveways would have had a note on it….. “Buy a shovel and learn how to use it!! You are responsible for keeping the sidewalk in front of your house clear of snow and ice!!”

Nice shovelling job on your driveway.

Where I live the biggest driveway holds 4 cars, 2 wide and 2 long (and most are barely 1 car length ), how hard is it to shovel your driveway and your tiny bit of sidewalk in front of your house. I realize some people have a lot more sidewalk to shovel because the sidewalk also runs along the side of their house, but come on people, you knew how much sidewalk you had when you bought your house.

Hmmmmm......3 inches of wet slush.

My driveway and sidewalk were bare this morning because my husband shovelled it right after it snowed, as he always does…..he “loves” shovelling (when it’s only a couple of inches I don’t help because I wouldn’t want to take away his enjoyment). 🙂

At least it was shovelled once here.

I finished my 4 km walk anyway even though my feet were completely soaked by the time I got home, and now I’m just annoyed at the non-shovellers in my neighborhood.

Slippery and wet.

Yes I should have worn my boots anyway….after all it is winter.


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  1. what you should have done was post their addresses. 🙂


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