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A Grown-Up Look…..

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I had an extra day off from work today so I could be home to wait for Erika’s Christmas present to be delivered……

I will back track a little. One day a few weeks before Christmas Erika was lying on my bed while I was putting some clothes away and I asked her what she wanted for Christmas, she snuggled into my bed and announced that she wanted a double bed for Christmas because mine is so comfy. I told her that I didn’t think a bed was a Christmas gift, to which she said, “It is if that’s what you want.” So I told my husband what she had asked for and he agreed with her that it was a good gift if that’s what she wanted. So a double bed for Erika for Christmas is what we agreed on.

Erika has only ever had a single bed and they have all been hand-me-down beds from her older siblings. This would be her first new bed and her first double bed. The plan was to just get her a bed but we weren’t going to be able to get it until the end of December so we decided to get her a new comforter……double size……and give her that to open on Christmas morning along with a note letting her know her bed was coming at the end of the month. Well it was a good plan but it didn’t work out like I had hoped. Christmas morning Erika opened her comforter, looked at it and set it aside.

Checking out her new comforter.....

I wondered why she didn’t show a little more excitement about it being a double size but thought maybe she just didn’t get the relevance.

The note.....

I then gave her the note we made letting her know she was going to get her bed and that’s when she let me know the error in my cute little plan to let her know about her gift to come……the comforter we ended up picking up was not a double……it was a single, thus her confusion when she opened it……so much for my fun little surprise.

In the end we got her another new comforter, double/queen size, and an entire bedroom set and it arrived today.

New bed with new comforter.

Matching dresser and night tables

I think she’s excited to finally have a grown up room…..and a big bed. 🙂

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