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My Dad’s Birthday…….

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Yesterday was my dad’s 76th birthday!!

Since I was home all day I tried calling him a couple of times to wish him a happy birthday but he was out running the roads so it was after supper before I got a hold of him. My dad is very hard of hearing as I may have mentioned before so you kind of have to shout at him to get him to hear what you’re saying. I always think I sound mean when I’m yelling at him. When my dad got to the phone I wished him a happy birthday and he of course asked who was calling. I told him it was his daughter and he assumed I was my sister…..he had a 50/50 chance to get it right and did so on his second guess. 🙂

We had a nice little chat and he said the family took him out for a birthday meal. I asked him if he had cake but he said he was too full for cake so no birthday cake for him.

After we said our good-byes I spoke with my mom and told her the most notable thing about our conversation, besides the shouting into the phone, was how much my dad sounds just like my grandfather.  I think he has more of my grandmothers looks but today I decided that he sounds just like his dad did. I think this is something that recently developed because I have to say I hadn’t noticed it before.

My Dad......taken in August 2010. His most recent visit.

I hope to see my dad (and my mom) in the somewhat near future. I sometimes miss not living within easy travel distance so I can visit whenever I want. 😦

Happy Birthday yesterday Dad!!!


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