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Oh my goodness….that was some meal!!

Our grocery store had ribs on sale today so my husband and I thought that would be a good idea to have for dinner tonight. We never cook ribs so we googled recipes and found a rib rub we thought we would like to try. We bought all the spices it called for and prepared the ribs for baking. As the ribs cooked, the smell filling our house was incredible……we were practically drooling while waiting for dinner.

Ribs and salad for dinner.

Looks delicious right?…….

Well……first bite had these results……….

Hot, hot, hot!!!!

They were very tasty ribs, but a little too spicy for us. We will definitely modify the rub recipe before using it next time. Other than the heat dinner was fantastic!!

After dinner Erika made some cookies for us to wash our dinner down with. It would have been impolite not to eat the cookies she slaved over so I forced myself to eat two of them (there was actually no forcing involved).

Erika's yummy chocolate chip cookies.

What a great meal, but as usual……I ate too much. 🙂

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