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What would it be like to live alone? I sometimes think about this when I think about people who do live alone. Every once in a while I think how nice it would be to just be responsible for myself….but what would I actually do with no family and no pets around?

I realized today, because I was thinking about it, that I have actually never lived alone. When I was born I lived in the hospital for the first few days with all the other little babies, then I came home and lived with my parents and siblings and pets….obviously. When I went to College I lived with my sister and roommate, and then with my Aunt and Uncle and their children and their dog. After College I moved back home and lived with my parents again until I got married and then my husband and I lived together. It wasn’t long until the kids and pets came along and even after we separated I still had my children and my pets to live with. After our divorce I got remarried so today I live with my husband and two of my children and two dogs. I have never lived alone. 🙂

So I gave this living alone thing some thought because I often hear people who have families say they just wish they could be alone…..I’m not sure they really mean it. I think living alone would get boring fast at least for me. I would probably adjust but in the beginning I think it would be a bit like this…..

If I lived alone I would get up in the morning to my alarm clock and not to my husband waking me or my dogs whining to go out… would be very quiet. I would get up and start getting ready for the day. I would probably listen to music instead of the news while getting ready for work which means I would no longer know what’s going on in the world around me. Once I was ready for work, I would walk out of my house alone and say good-bye to nobody, no kids and no dogs to wish a good day to (and have to remember to lock the door). The drive to work would be quiet as the only conversation would be me talking to the radio….and I would hope nobody in the lane beside me noticed me talking out loud to nobody else in the car.

After work I would drive home alone (and have to dig out my own house key and not wait for my husband to unlock the door for me) and walk into an empty quiet house to be greeted by no one…..not even a wagging tail. The house of course would not be any messier than it was when I left because there would be no kids there to dirty dishes or leave their coats and back packs lying around, and no dog fur all over the carpet to have to vacuum up. I’m sure I would turn on the TV to make some sound in the quiet house and then I would decide what to have for dinner, alone. I could have whatever I wanted because I would only have to please myself  but how much fun would it be to cook for myself everyday and eat alone, most likely in front of the TV. I think I would probably become a couch potato and watch whatever was on TV whether I liked it or not because not only would I have control of the remote (once I figured out how to use it) but I would have no motivation to get up and do anything. No kids needing to go to their sports, no pups needing to be walked, no piles of laundry to do since it would be just my clothes. It would be just me and my TV in my too quiet house. I’m pretty sure I would go to bed early….yes even earlier than the 10:00pm I go to bed at now, and I would become a sleeper. I’m a pretty sleepy person now so with no reason to stay up or get up early I imagine my bed and I would become very close friends.

I’m sure that people that do live alone are adjusted to it and are not couch potatoes like I assume I would become. I’m sure they fill their days and evenings, but I have decided that living alone is not for me so I hope I never have to…an hour or two here and there would be fine but I appreciate sharing my space with my husband, my kids and my pets.

Bring on the chaos, the mess, the disorganization, the planning and preparing meals, and the running the roads, because I think it’s gotta be better than the alternative. 🙂


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