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A Coffee Experience…….

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My husband and I go for breakfast every Saturday morning….if possible. It’s our date time. 🙂

There is a new breakfast place that recently opened just a 12 minute walk from our house so we have decided to give it a try and see if we are willing to switch from our usual breakfast place to this one. This morning will have been our third Saturday morning breakfast there.

The first time the place had just opened and it was packed with a 20 to 30 minute wait……so we waited. After finally being seated we waited some more…..our order got taken fairly quickly but we drank a lot of coffee while waiting to be served. No big deal because the waitresses and cooks were all new so of course you need to give them a bit of a break. Once we got our meal we both thought it was pretty good and deserved another try to make a fair assessment.

Bacon, eggs and home fries.

Our second visit was much the same as the first with a crowd of people at the door waiting to be seated. We didn’t seem to wait that long before being seated and after a couple of coffee’s our meal was served. Again a delicious breakfast of bacon and eggs, cooked just the way we like it.

This morning we got up and got moving a little earlier than usual so we were at breakfast around 9:00am. This time no wait, seated right away and coffee served in no time. I am not much of a coffee drinker, in fact I only ever drink coffee when we go out for our Saturday morning breakfasts so I am by no means a coffee connoisseur, however I do know when the coffee doesn’t taste quite right. When I drink coffee I tend to kill the taste of the coffee with the sugar I add, a good coffee is 3 sugar and 2 milk. I prepared my coffee as usual and took a big swig…..if I could have found a polite way to spit that coffee out I would have but being raised with manners I managed to somehow swallow it. I wanted to vomit, there was definitely a problem with the coffee… tasted like salt!

We called the waitress over and she poured me a new cup of coffee and I took a small drink of it black but honestly black coffee is disgusting to me so I couldn’t tell if there was anything wrong with it or not, so I added my milk and sugar and took another drink and again….tasted like salt. The waitress poured me another cup from a new pot of coffee just in case there was a problem with the pot she was pouring from….and this time before adding milk and sugar I got the brainy idea to check the sugar dispenser. I poured a little on to my hand and took a taste….spit…..I didn’t spit it out but wanted to. I grabbed the sugar dispenser off the table behind me (no one was sitting there) and did the same thing…..mmmmmm……pure sweet sugar!!

Sugar...or salt....dispenser.

No wonder the coffee was disgusting, instead of 3 sugar I was blissfully adding 3 salt!!!! We informed the waitress that the sugar dispenser had salt in it and she apologized for the mistake and explained that they keep their sugar and their salt in pitchers with labels on them but someone must have picked up the wrong pitcher to fill the sugar dispenser……..I wonder how many dispensers got filled with salt and how many more customers will wonder what is wrong with the coffee. Other than the coffee the bacon and eggs was again delisious…..the bacon was a bit over cooked (kind of how my dad likes it……crispy) but still tasty.

I think we will probably go back again next Saturday. 🙂

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    Potato, egg, coffee… I bet you have the best mornings… ever!!


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