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A Sunday Drive and Soccer Cleats…….

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Yesterday was such a nice day for a Sunday drive. We weren’t really planning on going anywhere but Erika decided that she “needed” her new cleats “today”. Her old cleats were pretty much destroyed by the end of soccer season last year and so she has taped them together for try outs and practices ever since. That would be roughly 4 and 1/2 months of taped up cleats for practices 3 times a week……that’s a lot of tape. Probably could have bought her a new pair for the amount money we spent on tape to hold hers together……but she really loved those cleats and didn’t want to give them up.

The worn out needing to be retired comfy favorite cleats......

So Erika googled shopping hours for the “one and only” soccer store here and said it was open from noon until 4:00pm. We all got showered, dressed and headed “downtown” to buy a pair of cleats. Surprise!!!!…..the soccer store wasn’t open. Decision time. Wait until another day or go somewhere else to look for cleats? Of course….go somewhere else for cleats!

First stop, Burlington to check out a soccer store there. Bad experience. First of all they had very little selection and what they did have on display had some sizes circled so I asked the girl if that meant they had those sizes or didn’t have those sizes and she told me she didn’t know they didn’t really keep that up. Are you kidding me? You work here…..know what you’re selling!! Ok deep breath……Erika found one pair she kind of liked…..”Excuse me, would you have these in a ladies 7 or 8?”…….Her answer? “I’m not sure.” Stay calm, stay calm…..”Could you go check for me please? That would be awesome.” Wow!! I’m guessing we ruined her nice quiet day by walking into the store. She came back empty-handed and said they didn’t have much in stock right now but we should come back in March when they get their new stock in. Ha ha ha ha like I ever have any intention of going back to that store. People, even young people need to learn that a little customer service goes a long way.

Back in the car and off to Oakville to try another soccer store. What a different experience. The young girl was super helpful. She got out shoes in every style that Erika wanted to try on…..which was a few. Success!!! Not only did “Little Miss I Can Never Make A Decision” find cleats she liked…..she found two pair she liked enough to buy and another she would still like to buy.

One pair of purchased cleats.

The other pair of purchased cleats.

And the pair she would still like to purchase.

It was a great day for a Sunday drive…..and some soccer cleat shopping. 🙂

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