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My Monday morning didn’t go exactly as I imagined it. Today was day 1 of our sidewalk sale so I imagined I would spend the better part of my morning just making sure everything was all set up and all the stores had everything they needed to have their sales on display. Before I got started on that my daughter called me to tell me she had an accident in her gym class and her teacher was going to call me to let me know if she thought she should go to the hospital……words every mom wants to hear no matter how old their child is. Apparently they were doing self-defense and they had to break a board with their hand……she didn’t break the board on the first try but she might have broken her wrist. Of course since she didn’t break the board she did have to try again, she wouldn’t want anyone to say she couldn’t do it.

There was a bit of phone calling back and forth between Erika and my husband and I before we finally decided to call our doctor and see if we could get her looked at. We never did hear anything from her teacher. We saw the doctor, he didn’t think it was broken but sent her to get it x-rayed anyway. That took up the best part of my morning.

Now we wait to hear the results from our doctor but I’m guessing there’s nothing actually broken, just badly bruised. Maybe next time she will give the board just one try.

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  1. I can understand how you feel when you’re child gets hurt and I am sure I will feel the same with my baby. Hope Erika’s wrist is fine now..
    Just to let you know, I nominated your blog for the Versatile Blogger Award.Congratulations!
    Please visit for details.


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