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Fill In The Blanks Friday…..

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1.   My favorite place I’ve ever traveled to is    Prince Edward Island……my husband and I spent some time there when we first met so it’s kind of special.

2.    Scotland     is somewhere I’d love to go someday, with my husband. His family is from there and we would visit his clan’s castle.
3.  I pass the time on a plane (or bus, or car ride or train) by     sleeping or playing with my laptop or blackberry.
4.  My three must-haves when I travel are   blackberry, laptop and camera.
5.  My favorite travel companion is    my husband Chris.
6.  The craziest thing that ever happened to me while traveling is  my luggage got lost on my first airplane trip ever 22 years ago when I flew to Toronto for a weekend trade show and I had to borrow clothes from my friend Lori. My luggage showed up several days later at home.
7.  The most exotic food I’ve ever tried while traveling is….  I’m not very adventurous so haven’t tried any food I would call exotic.

8.  If I could live anywhere else, I’d live in    Prince Edward Island.
9.  I have been to  states in the U.S….. Maine, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York.

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