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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Flash Cards

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We did our usual Saturday morning breakfast this morning…..although it was not the usual because we took our daughter Erika with us…..(she got up early hoping to catch us going so we would feel bad and take her with us…it worked.)

While we were sitting at breakfast we started talking about our up coming trip back east to visit family and friends. I haven’t been back in nearly 12 years since moving here in July of 2000. Erika had just turned 5 when we moved here and was back once in 2001 for a visit with her grandparents but she was only 6 years old so she really doesn’t remember anyone (other than her grandparents and her two uncles and their families who have been here to visit us).

Erika’s concern is that people will expect her to know who they are and will be disappointed when she doesn’t recognize them. Her solution………make flash cards for her to memorize before we go. Print off their profile picture from Facebook and include details of who they are who their families are and how she should know them. Too funny, we are totally going to do this and during the loooooong car drive I will be testing her on her flash card knowledge.

Nanny and Papa's Flash Card

Scott and Christy's Flash Card

We are hoping to get to visit quite a few people while we are there so we have some work to do. Friends and Family, I will be stealing your pictures from Facebook so I hope you all have a recent picture of yourself so she will be able to recognize you when she sees you.

The only up side to her not knowing anyone is unless people we are visiting have seen recent pictures, they won’t recognize her either…….she doesn’t look at all the same as she did when she was 5 or 6 years old.

Erika Now

Erika at 5 years.

Ok, maybe she looks a little bit the same…….

Family Day

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Today is Family Day where I live. Basically it’s an extra day off from work and they needed to call it something so……Family Day it is. I think the premise might be to spend time with your family…..

Well my day started off waking up at 5:00am to the call of the wild…..Emma was whining to go out so I crawled out of bed and let the pooches out to take care of their business and then crawled right back into bed to get a little more shut-eye. Well I got a little more shut-eye alright, when I woke up again it was 9:50am. I slept in until almost 10 o’clock, I never sleep in like that!!

My husband had already gotten up and fed the dogs so I got dressed and took them on a long walk. We ended up walking 4 miles 3.97 miles which burned up 420 calories. It was a beautiful morning for a walk, a bit chilly, but sunny and bright.

Walking in sync

Emma giving Cody a little nudge

I made them pose for their picture

We didn't even scare "ALL" of the birds out of the tree

After the walk my husband and I went to the Sunset Grill for breakfast/lunch. I finally tried one of their burgers and I must say it was every bit as good as it looked. Almost too big to eat though……notice I said almost. I managed to eat it.

Sunset Burger.....worth every calorie in it. 🙂

Once we got back home we got the ribs ready for dinner…….also worth every calorie……

Too good

While waiting for dinner I spent the afternoon working on my knitting project. I now have a deadline to finish the sweater I am making……it needs to be finished before we go away. The question is…..can I do it? Here’s hoping so.

My knitting project

Ahhhhhh……if only every day could be Family Day. 🙂

Battle Between The Sun and The Snow

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I think the sun is going to win over the snow. Looks like most of the snow we got yesterday is just barely hanging on in the sunshine today.

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Here We Snow Again

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What a crazy winter we have had this year. We get some winter like weather for a day or two and then it’s spring like again. This morning we woke up to winter again.

After my husband finished shovelling the driveway we took the dogs for a walk in the new snow……

Excited in the snow…..pulling on the leashes.

Walking down the street

Snowy sidewalk

Fresh, undisturbed snow.

Following on his heels

Throwing snowballs for Emma to catch

Getting ready to catch the snowball

Good catch

Chillin’ in the snow

The little sidewalk plow came by while we were walking on the trail

Much easier walking

Because we burned off all those calories walking the dogs we could go to breakfast guilt-free……Hahaha, we totally would have gone for breakfast even if we hadn’t gone walking. Mmmmmmmmm. 🙂

Breakfast at Sunset Grill

I think I might need to walk again now. 🙂

Happy Valentines Day!

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I think you either “love” Valentine’s Day or you “hate” it. If you have a significant other you probably are in the “love” camp, if you don’t you might be in the “hate” camp.

I actually don’t think much about it at all…..but it is entertaining to watch the male shoppers walking around the mall with stuffed animals, balloons and bouquets of flowers for their significant others.

Yesterday we were discussing who in the office would likely get flowers today at work and we concluded that only my boss would get them since she is the most recently married……we were wrong. Three of us got flowers, my boss, our admin assistant and ME!!

My husband bought me a mini rose plant……no dead flowers for me.

My mini rose plant

I only hope I can keep them alive in my cold office.

And This Is What February 5, 2012 Looks Like.

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I can’t believe it is February 5th. It’s just like a spring day out there.


No Fear of Heights

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Is she a rock climber?…..

Rock climbing during gym class

……..or does she just like hanging around?

Playing catch in the air?