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I Did It!….

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I did it…… I stepped on the scales this morning and immediately did a happy dance (well I didn’t really, I was dancing on the inside but I needed to get ready for work so no time to celebrate).

This morning I am DOWN 20 POUNDS!!!  

The minus 20 is the equivalent to a happy face. 🙂

I am so excited about this! I have been stuck at -18 pounds for the last several weeks and thought that was as far as I was ever going to get. Then I got a little more serious about reaching my goals and decided to eat a little better and walk a little faster and longer each day, and “Tada” results. Now I just need to keep on this track until I reach my final goal….which I haven’t decided on yet. 🙂

My biggest problem with weight loss is how much I just like food. I don’t mind having an A&W Mozza Burger and some dirty fries (New York Fries Veggie Works) for my lunch, I just need to ration how often I splurge on it.

Mozza Burger


Dirty Fries

I feel I am back on track now so let’s see how long it takes to reach my next goal. 🙂

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