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Daily Archives: February 18, 2012

Here We Snow Again

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What a crazy winter we have had this year. We get some winter like weather for a day or two and then it’s spring like again. This morning we woke up to winter again.

After my husband finished shovelling the driveway we took the dogs for a walk in the new snow……

Excited in the snow…..pulling on the leashes.

Walking down the street

Snowy sidewalk

Fresh, undisturbed snow.

Following on his heels

Throwing snowballs for Emma to catch

Getting ready to catch the snowball

Good catch

Chillin’ in the snow

The little sidewalk plow came by while we were walking on the trail

Much easier walking

Because we burned off all those calories walking the dogs we could go to breakfast guilt-free……Hahaha, we totally would have gone for breakfast even if we hadn’t gone walking. Mmmmmmmmm. 🙂

Breakfast at Sunset Grill

I think I might need to walk again now. 🙂