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Daily Archives: February 25, 2012

Flash Cards

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We did our usual Saturday morning breakfast this morning…..although it was not the usual because we took our daughter Erika with us…..(she got up early hoping to catch us going so we would feel bad and take her with us…it worked.)

While we were sitting at breakfast we started talking about our up coming trip back east to visit family and friends. I haven’t been back in nearly 12 years since moving here in July of 2000. Erika had just turned 5 when we moved here and was back once in 2001 for a visit with her grandparents but she was only 6 years old so she really doesn’t remember anyone (other than her grandparents and her two uncles and their families who have been here to visit us).

Erika’s concern is that people will expect her to know who they are and will be disappointed when she doesn’t recognize them. Her solution………make flash cards for her to memorize before we go. Print off their profile picture from Facebook and include details of who they are who their families are and how she should know them. Too funny, we are totally going to do this and during the loooooong car drive I will be testing her on her flash card knowledge.

Nanny and Papa's Flash Card

Scott and Christy's Flash Card

We are hoping to get to visit quite a few people while we are there so we have some work to do. Friends and Family, I will be stealing your pictures from Facebook so I hope you all have a recent picture of yourself so she will be able to recognize you when she sees you.

The only up side to her not knowing anyone is unless people we are visiting have seen recent pictures, they won’t recognize her either…….she doesn’t look at all the same as she did when she was 5 or 6 years old.

Erika Now

Erika at 5 years.

Ok, maybe she looks a little bit the same…….