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March Break Vacation

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I just spent this past week visiting my “Mother Land”….the place where I was born and raised and spent the first 38 1/2 years of my life. I moved from New Brunswick to Ontario nearly 12 years ago and until now I haven’t had an opportunity to go back for a visit. Some of my family members have been to visit me since my move…my parents, both of my brothers and their family’s, and my sisters two children,  but this was my first trip back.

Between my job, my husband’s job and my youngest daughters school, sports and work schedule there is a very small window of opportunity to take a vacation away, but we finally found a few days that would work for all of us……and our older daughter agreed to pup sit for us so we were about to take our first trip away together that didn’t involve Erika playing sports.

Once we decided on the dates for our travel plans, I called my Mom to let her know we were coming for a visit. The Monday before we were to leave on our vacation my brother Andrew called me at work to tell me that Mom was going into surgery… 45 minutes……..well you couldn’t have stunned me any more than that little piece of news did, she was having a dye test done that morning and ended up having emergency surgery for a pacemaker. That just made my trip East even more important. I spent the next three days in constant contact with my mom and my brothers getting all the information I possibly could on how she was doing and how my dad was holding up. I was really looking forward to spending some time with my parents. Our original plan was to stay with them while we were there but since my parents were now staying with my sister because of the surgery we decided we would stay with my brother and his family instead.

Friday morning finally arrived and we loaded our car and pulled out of our driveway at 4:02 am….precisely……just before we got hit with a nasty snow storm. Thankfully the storm did not follow us to New Brunswick. We had great weather for the long drive.

Blue skies and a few clouds for the drive to N.B.

A couple of stops for gas and grub and 15 hours later we arrived at my brother’s house.  A huge thank you to him, his wife and their 2 daughters for making room for us. We were a bit tired by the time we arrived, my husband especially since he did all the driving except for about an hour that I took over.

My husband doing what he likes to do....driving.

Erika slept for most of the trip so she didn't think it was a long drive at all.

Saturday morning we got up and went for breakfast with my brother and his family, (we had to keep our Saturday morning tradition) and then we went to visit my parents at my sister’s house. There have been a few changes in the highways since I was last there and the drive seemed to take forever…..even though it was a pretty short drive compared to the 15 hours we did the day before. After much anticipation I got to give my mom and dad a big hug and see for myself that my mom was really doing ok.

The next few days were spent sight-seeing and catching up with Mom and Dad and visiting with family and friends. We didn’t have time to do everything and see everyone that we had hoped to due to some nasty weather moving in….freezing rain…..but we did get to see some of the more important places and people I had wanted to fit in, we saw some people that we weren’t expecting to see, and we had some great meals.

On Sunday we took a detour on our way to see Mom and Dad and drove to my old home. The house has definitely aged (as I have) and there seem to be a few more trees that I don’t remember being there but other than that it was the same as I remember….muddy road and all. 

My Old Home...The House on The Hill.

Sunday evening the family all got together at my brother’s house for a good old Sunday dinner which included both turkey and ham. Thank you Pat and Andrew, it was delicious.

Family Photo. Just missing three of mine and one of my brothers kids.

Lunch with Mom and Dad on Monday before sight-seeing.

Tuesday we took a trip to Moncton to drop in at  my husbands head office. His boss took us out to dinner at St. Hubert, a restaurant I used to love and haven’t eaten at since long before I moved to Ontario. It was every bit as good as I remember it being. That evening we drove into Sussex to have dinner with long time friends Scott and Christy. They cooked a delicious meal for us and we hung out and chatted just like old times except this time I wasn’t the one with the little children, they were. Erika had a great time entertaining being entertained by their girls.

On Wednesday we had planned to have another visit with Mom and Dad before leaving but due to some freezing rain we were a bit house bound that day so a good-bye phone call to them had to do. Not the same as hugs and tears which is the usual when we say good-bye. 😦

We headed home on Thursday morning in a snow storm, nasty roads and slow going for the beginning of our trip home.

View from my brothers dining room window...not what I wanted to see.

Nasty roads ahead made for a slow drive.

Once we got to the New Brunswick / Quebec border the roads were much better.

We drove as far as Ottawa and spent the last day of our vacation being tourists in our Nation’s Capital. We didn’t want to spend the entire day there since there was still a five-hour drive ahead of us to get home so we visited the War Museum and the Parliament Buildings and decided we would have to go back another time to see some more.

Chris and Erika in Ottawa

War Museum


Beautiful sunset as we made our way home.

After putting 4374 kilometers on our car, and $625 in the gas tank (which includes all the driving we did for the week we were there….and that was a lot of driving), we arrived home late Friday night and I have to say, as much as I enjoyed my trip back east and seeing everyone, it sure was nice to be home again.

The trip went well and the consensus is that we will try to do it again soon…..not sure how soon, but definitely sooner than 12 years. 🙂

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