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Daily Archives: April 4, 2012

27 Years Later

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Yesterday was my son’s birthday!!

It’s hard to believe that 27 years ago I was handed this tiny bundle of joy and reality set in that I was now a “Mom” and responsible for this little life I was holding.

Ryan – Newborn

Ryan Adam – 7 pounds 2 ounces of baby boy.

I named him Ryan Adam, for two reasons…..first his dad’s initials are also R.A. and second I am a big fan of Bryan Adams and if you remove the first and last letters from his name you get my son’s name….cheesy, but that’s me.

Ryan was a great first baby….he simply slept, and ate….oh and filled his diapers too. Ryan was a very sleepy baby, it was actually difficult to keep him awake long enough to feed him most of the time. I blame it on the drugs they gave me when I had him. Is blame actually the right word or should I be thanking them for making him sleepy which allowed me to get lots of sleep? 🙂 Even when people came to visit us after we got home from the hospital he would get passed from person to person and never wake up. He never even knew he had visitors.

The only problem with having such a good first baby is it fools you into thinking all babies are like that and you don’t find out they are not all like that until you have more……

Ryan- All growed up

Twenty-seven years later and Ryan is still sleepy…..just joking. He has grown up to be a very handsome young man and I am very proud to be his mom.

Happy Birthday Ryan!! I Love You!!