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Daily Archives: April 11, 2012

Things Happen

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Sometimes things happen that you just didn’t plan on… today for instance, I didn’t plan on leaving work to take my dog to the Vet but that’s how the day went.

I feel I should give a little history here to what led up to today’s Vet visit.

We have 2 dogs, beautiful Cody, our 8 year old Lab and sweet little Emma, our 2 year old Border Collie. Cody has always been a pretty easy to please pup when it came to feeding her and she was quite happy just to be fed. She didn’t even know there were other kinds of food out there to try until we brought her little sister home a year and a half ago. Emma seems to be under the impression that she is some kind of princess and is too good for the food gruel we were feeding Cody. We put a scoop of that food in her bowl and she sniffed it and then just looked at us as if to say, ” Are you kidding me? You don’t really expect me to eat that do you?” Well we did expect that, but she thought otherwise, she just stared at it and watched Cody gobble hers up like she had a screw loose. You could almost imagine her saying to Cody, “How can you eat that stuff? It’s not fit to feed to a dog!” and you could imagine Cody finishing hers and looking at Emma as if to say, “Well if you’re not going to eat that move on over and I will show you how it’s done.” Needless to say we have been through many different brands and flavours of food trying to find one that the little Princess would eat. We finally found a food that they both liked (of course Cody likes anything) as long as we mixed it with plain yogurt……yup we have a fussy little princess.

As much as Cody enjoyed eating this food we settled on it didn’t actually agree with her. Over the past few months she has become a weapon you could use in chemical warfare. Both dogs sleep in our room at night and when she passed gas it would wake us from a sound sleep gasping for air and jumping out of bed to get the windows open for some fresh air (that might be a little bit of an exageration but it was really bad). We thought she was actually trying to kill us some nights.

So last weekend we decided it was time to change her food again. After discussing her issues with the pet store owner we came away with a food that should help her with her gas issues. We actually know that changing a dogs food needs to be done gradually but we just wanted the rank smell to end so we switched her cold turkey.

Not to get too descriptive here, but ever since the switch her poo just got runnier and runnier. Last night we had her out 4 times to have a poo squirt….thank goodness she was able to wake us in time to get her out, but I think her butt was probably on fire. Today we closed her in the kitchen just in case there was an accident….or two…..and there was. My husband sent our daughter home to check on her a couple of hours after we all left for work and she had one of the worst experiences of her life. No details necessary but cleaning up was not fun, I am just glad it was her and not me that walked into it. At that point it was time to get her checked out, therefore a trip to the Vet today.

We made an appointment with a new Vet that recently opened up in our neighborhood. After addressing the runny poo issue Cody had a few more issues to deal with. She has eye infections due to the dry windy weather we have had and getting debris in her eyes, she has developed several lumps on her body which needed to be tested (turned out to be just lumps no worries), and she is over weight at 87.8 pounds.

Blood work, lump testing, drugs, new food and $320 poorer we have a much happier dog tonight. Here’s hoping we get through the night tonight with no incidents. 🙂