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Daily Archives: April 12, 2012

Why Do We Do It?

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Day after day after day people do it……line up to get their drug of the day…..Tim Horton’s coffee!!

I realize I am not someone who understands this need to have a Tim’s coffee first thing in the morning since I am not a coffee lover. The only time I drink coffee is with my Saturday morning bacon and eggs….it just seems right then. But I am often puzzled by the waiting people are willing to endure just to get a cup of Tim’s.

My husband does this every morning without fail on our way to work. We leave the house early to make sure we have enough time to sit in the drive through line and still get to work on time. What is so special about this coffee? We have a perfectly fine coffee maker in our kitchen, it has a timer and everything for convenience, however it mostly sits untouched. When my oldest son comes over he always sends a text message first asking if anyone wants a Tim’s because they are stopping there on the way to our place….my husbands answer is always yes so I’m not sure it’s necessary for him to ask any more. This morning my son was in the same line behind us waiting for his time to roll up to the window and get that cup of coffee that he says is a “need”.

The problem I really have is I’m sure none of these people would wait in line for anything else like they do for this amazing cup of coffee. This mornings line up was a nightmare. There are 5 ways to enter the drive through line up at the particular Tim Horton’s that we go to and people were using all 5 of them trying to nose their way into the line. Below is a rough (very rough) diagram of what the line up looked like this morning.

So the crazy people on the street trying to get in the line are actually blocking traffic just so they can get their Tim’s……so again I ask, “Why do we do this?”