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Daily Archives: April 20, 2012

Fill in The Blanks Friday

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1.  Today is a great day because,  it’s Friday and the beginning of the weekend.

2.   Tomorrow I will have to work because I’m a little short-staffed right now and we have a huge promotion give away going on.
3.  My favorite time of day is  early morning  because despite the fact that morning comes far too early I get up and take the dogs out for a walk before most people have even opened their eyes yet. It’s always so quiet and peaceful then.
4. Sometimes you just have to   eat something bad for you because you can only eat vegetables for so long before you need some good old fries and gravy.
5. My favorite accessory is  my sterling silver maple leaf necklace that I got when we were in Ottawa.
6.  My favorite thing about this week was doing our Green Mile walk for work today and then having a team lunch at Swiss Chalet (yes I am all about the food).

USA University Tours

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This has been our first weekend home since the end of March (except for Easter weekend) and that is only because I have to work this Saturday or we would be away this weekend too. My daughter’s soccer team has had weekend exhibition games against University teams in the States all month. We enjoy watching her play but it does get expensive and becomes very time consuming……however if all goes well we will actually be driving down on Sunday to watch her game so not a complete weekend at home but at least no hotel stay for us and no pawning the dogs off on our daughter Shana to take care of while we are gone.

The first weekend away was to Ohio to play against Findlay and Tiffin Universities and last weekend was back to Ohio for games against Cleveland State and Akron Universities. The team chartered a bus for these first two trips and my husband and I, along with several other parents chose to travel by bus with the team. It wasn’t as bad as one might think travelling with 16, 16 and 17-year-old girls, they had the back of the bus and we got as close to the front and away from the noise as we could.

The first game against Findlay wasn’t as “friendly” as one would expect. We lost 3-0 but I think the University team thought it would be a much easier battle. At the end of the game they just walked off the field not talking to our girls at all.

Before the Findlay game

Erika getting squeezed off the ball by Findlay

Nice pass

The game against Tiffin was a much friendlier game and the girls mixed it up for a team picture after the game. We lost this game 3-0 too but nobody seemed too upset by the score.

Cambridge United and Tiffin University teams together after the match.

Action shot

Looking for a pass

As you can tell by the pictures the second game was a warmer one than the first one. Nobody is wearing their Under Armour in this game. Since returning home from this tour Erika has been contacted by the school’s coach to discuss her playing for them which is more or less what these weekends are all about…..getting noticed by coaches.

Last weekend the girls played against Division 1 Universities. They played Cleveland State on the Saturday…..another unfriendly friendly game. I think our girls made them look bad, we lost 2-0, both goals scored on corner kicks. Erika got a little injury during the game, she got her thumb stepped on and  she lost a good chunk of skin. When she finally realized she was bleeding it was disgusting because she had smeared blood everywhere. She went off to get a band-aid and ended up getting 9 of them put on to try to stop the bleeding. She went back on the field to continue playing but one of the girls from the University team complained to the ref that she had blood on her jersey and apparently in soccer, unlike in hockey, you are not allowed to play with blood on you. The ref sent her off and since we are spectators from the other side of the field we had no idea why she was removed from the game but her dad and I just assumed she had  mouthed off to the ref (not that she would ever do that), but the next thing we saw was a team-mate pulling her jersey off and Erika yanking hers off and putting her team  mates on and subbing back into the game…..I guess she and her team-mate weren’t going to let  little blood stop her from playing. The game was pretty rough from beginning to end, but our girls played pretty well and held their own throughout the entire game. After the game I managed to get the blood out of her white jersey and she was a little disappointed because she said the blood made her look tough.

Going for the ball


The game against Akron was much friendlier and they were a much better team as the score would indicate…..we lost 6-1 but we parents were just excited that our girls managed to score a goal against this very talented team. It turned out to be a really hot day and most, if not all of the girls ended up getting sunburned.

Ready for the throw in


Corner Kick

All in all it was a great weekend with some good and some not so good soccer.

Now this weekend the team is in Buffalo and Erie, playing against Canisius College today, Mercyhurst College tomorrow and Daeman College on Sunday. Since we are not able to go this weekend we sent her with another family, which she will likely enjoy even more than being with us. 🙂 I am a little sad that we aren’t able to be there to watch her games but I will have to be satisfied with waiting to hear her give us her version of how the games go.