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Fill in The Blanks Friday

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1.  Today is a great day because,  it’s Friday and the beginning of the weekend.

2.   Tomorrow I will have to work because I’m a little short-staffed right now and we have a huge promotion give away going on.
3.  My favorite time of day is  early morning  because despite the fact that morning comes far too early I get up and take the dogs out for a walk before most people have even opened their eyes yet. It’s always so quiet and peaceful then.
4. Sometimes you just have to   eat something bad for you because you can only eat vegetables for so long before you need some good old fries and gravy.
5. My favorite accessory is  my sterling silver maple leaf necklace that I got when we were in Ottawa.
6.  My favorite thing about this week was doing our Green Mile walk for work today and then having a team lunch at Swiss Chalet (yes I am all about the food).

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