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Trail vs The Sidewalk

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I went out early again this morning to give myself and my dogs a good long walk before going to work. Since it is so much lighter now at 5:30am I decided to take the trail (much to my husbands disapproval since it is early and somewhat dark yet) instead of the sidewalks. The trail is a much nicer walk and there wasn’t any other dog walkers out and about while I was walking. I only had my cell phone with me but snapped a couple of shots along the way.

The Geese in the pond

The  foggy trail

I generally take both dogs out first then drop Cody off at home (since she’s getting old and is quite stiff after a long walk) and then go out again with just Emma. While I had both dogs this morning we were walking along, minding our own business when a deer ran out of the woods just ahead of us followed by a second one. When they saw us they walked back into the woods so we continued on down the trail in the early morning fog. After a few minutes I looked back and they were following us, well I’m not really afraid of deer but I wasn’t sure if we should keep going on the trail or take the path back to the sidewalk. The trail won and we arrived back at the house to drop Cody off and being the super curious person that I am I wanted to go back to the trail with Emma to see if the deer were still there, so I grabbed my camera and we headed back for more trail.

Well I wasn’t disappointed, the deer were still on the trail along with the rest of the herd…ok it was a small herd, probably about 8 or so but enough of a crowd that I wasn’t going to walk through them. Of course if we had kept on walking they probably would have run away from us, but since we were so clearly out numbered I chose to stay back from them and just try to take a couple of decent pictures, just incase they decided they didn’t like our presence there and chose to remove us…..physically 🙂 .

Guarding the trail

Keeping a close eye on us

Munching on whatever yummyness these people have growing by their back fence.

Due to the early morning fog and the distance we were away from them the pictures aren’t great but as you can see they definitely claimed the trail and were clearly enjoying a feast on whatever plants they were chewing on in people’s back yards.

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