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A Day At Home

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We have been away for soccer every weekend since the end of March (except for Easter weekend). This weekend we get to stay home and rest…..

Actually the day started pretty early with a little white dog insisting she needed to go out at 4:00am. I blame my husband for that since he suggested she would be getting me up at 4:00 when we went to bed last night….the power of suggestion. When Emma starts her whining in the morning you might as well get up with her because you can’t go back to sleep until she has been out anyway, so at 4:00am I let her out in the backyard to… grass? Yes, that is what she did, nothing else, just ate grass. The little rascal got me up for that? Or maybe she knew the moon was worth taking a picture of and that’s what she got me up for. It definitely was a bright moon early this morning.

The moon at 4:00am this morning.

After we enjoyed, spent some time together admiring the moon we went back to bed for a few more hours of sleep.

It was 7:00 am when we officially got up to start our day, I took the dogs out walking while my husband took himself for a drive to Tim Horton’s. I took a few pictures on our walk, as I sometimes, almost always do.

My house has been kind of neglected for the past month since we haven’t really been home to do anything so we had a lot of work to do. While my husband mowed the front yard, I vacuumed the very furry carpets, cleaned the dog art off our windows, and washed the living room and dining room curtains. I then helped my husband who was ready to mow the backyard (by helping I mean I picked up the dog poo so he could do the mowing). Our back yard was way past needing its first cut of the season.

The over grown back yard.

Back yard dandelions gone to seed.

My big mistake today was washing the curtains…..once they came out of the dryer I realized they needed to be ironed. I am not a fan of ironing, I’m not a fan of a lot of housework but I especially do not enjoy ironing. It took a while but, task accomplished, we had supper and then my husband thought we should go watch a movie.

The movie of choice was The Avengers, problem was we had two show times to choose from….6:40pm or 10:00pm. I’m pretty sure I would have fallen asleep during a 10:00 movie but we were going to have to rush to catch the 6:40 show. We got there just before they were sold out and ended up third row from the front. I have to say I have never watched a movie so close to the screen before, and would prefer not to again. The movie was definitely worth seeing though, even close up.

So today was an enjoyable day and I feel like I got a lot accomplished but staying home didn’t equal resting, however resting is what I’m about to do now.

Goodnight moon!

The full moon tonight


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