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Sunday Morning of the Victoria Day Weekend

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It’s Sunday on the Victoria Day long weekend and I have been up since 6:30am….Why? Because it is going to be 30 degrees celsius today so if the dogs were going to get walked it had to be early.
I’m not really a morning person but I do have to admit I enjoy the peace and quietness of my early morning walks….especially on a Sunday morning of a long weekend when everyone in the neighborhood is either away or still sleeping, so it’s just us out there.
I was once asked what I like to do to relax and de-stress….I know people think a nice bubble bath is relaxing but not for me, I spend that time thinking about what else I should be doing, like laundry, dishes, vacuuming, cleaning, so that’s not relaxing at all, or I relax to the point that I start to fall asleep and while I’m pretty sure falling asleep in the bath tub is relaxing to the extreme, I’m sure it’s not a wise idea. My answer to what I do to relax and de-stress is to walk the dogs and take pictures along the way. I don’t feel guilty about not doing housework when I’m out with the dogs because it is something that also needs to be done so I just walk along, just me and my pups enjoying the fresh air and the quiet sounds of the morning and give no thought at all to what else there is to do.

This morning the only sign of wildlife we saw was a lone deer munching on the shrubs in someone’s backyard but it sauntered off into the woods before I could get a picture of it… shy I guess.

At least the plants and trees can’t take off when I pull out my camera, they pose nicely for me.

Happy Victoria Day Weekend!!!


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