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It’s Finally Here

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Today is the day….it’s finally here, my baby girl is in Florida!!

Erika’s soccer team is playing in the Disney Memorial Day Soccer Shootout Tournament this weekend in  Florida.

She and 3 of her team mates left early this morning to fly out of Buffalo.

Rebecca, Erika, Meghan and Meredith

The girls met up at Tim Horton’s (it gave them a chance to grab some brekky before leaving) and then piled in to poor Patti’s car to begin their trip to Disney. I say poor Patti because she willingly agreed to take these 4 girls with her and take care of them, mind you one of them is her own daughter, but still, taking a 2 hour car drive and spending another couple of hours on a plane with four 17 year old’s is pretty brave.

Erika has been so excited for this trip, ever since she found out the team was going…..months and month ago. Erika never really looks or sounds excited about anything, even though she’s bursting inside. She’s nothing like this little girl who’s obviously excited about her trip…….

Last night we were still trying to get her to finish packing, and I discovered she is nothing like me. I kept trying to put things in her suitcase and she kept taking them out stating that she was taking too much stuff. I tried to tell her you can’t have too much, but she disagrees with me. She was still finishing the packing this morning and we had to leave at 6:30am.

Adding or taking out….not sure.

Finally finished….I think.

Ready to go…..doesn’t she “look” excited?

I got a text from her at 5:05pm telling me she had arrived and that it was hot there. And so far there is only one picture posted of her on anyone’s Facebook (well only one that I would consider re-posting)…..I really expected to see some more pictures by now.

Here’s hoping she has a great time and brings back lots of great stories and memories.


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