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My daughter Erika has been in Florida with her soccer team for the past 6 days for the Disney Memorial Day Soccer Shootout. This was a trip that her dad and I were not able to go on so I had to be satisfied with watching the game results on-line to find out how they were doing. According to the score sheets below you can look at it 2 ways….either Erika’s team was really, really good (I’m sure that’s the correct choice), or the other teams were really bad.

In case it is not known to some of you who might read this…I am a picture person… that I don’t mean that everything in my life has to look like it’s perfect, because that is not the case. I mean that I just like to take pictures of everything and then post them for everyone to see whether they want to or not. My husband thinks I am obsessed with taking pictures and he may be a little bit right…but can you really have too many pictures of your daughter playing soccer that all look exactly the same? I think not!

So my biggest problem with not being there for this soccer tournament was not only not being able to take any pictures but also not being able to see any pictures anyone else was taking….no one posted any while they were gone! With my compulsive picture-taking ways I would have totally had pictures up practically as soon as they were taken!!

Now that everyone is back home pictures are starting to appear and now I can start my photo pilfering….as I have done with the two photos below. 🙂

Erika, Meredith, Sydney and Makayla wearing their medals and holding their Disney Trophy….. and also looks like an ice pack or two or three.

The Trophy with Erika, Meghan, Shelby, Dana, Aubrey and Victoria.

Erika arrived back in Canada last night and spent the night at her teammates house since it was very, very late….or very, very early morning, depending on how you look at it… we picked her up from there this morning before going to work.

It’s about a half hour drive to our house from where she spent the night, and that’s when I realized just how quiet and peaceful our lives have been while she was away. Not saying I didn’t miss her, but the peace and quiet is now over.

All in all it sounds like the girls had a great trip and I’m glad that Erika got to be a part of it. Congratulations to the Cambridge United U17 Girls Soccer Team!! Disney Champions!!!

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