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Happy Father’s Day

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Well 3 out of 4 is not bad……today we had 3 of our 4 children home for Father’s Day dinner. Now that they are not little kids it’s really hard to get them all in one place at the same time so if I get some of them together I call it success. 🙂

First thing this morning I took the dogs out for a walk. We did the regular loop but I wasn’t happy with how many calories my Endomondo said I burned so I dropped the dogs off at home and went for a jog to burn some more calories…then it started to rain so I cut my jog short and went home.

After I showered I woke Erika…even though I had already done that before I left with the dogs……to get up and get ready for work. I dropped her off at work and then waited for Shana to get ready to hit the Mall to get Chris’ Fathers Day gift.

We were getting him a new cell phone and considering we knew exactly what phone we wanted to get him it took us forever to actually get the phone and leave the store……we got there at 11:15am and got out of there by 12:30pm. We asked the sales guys at one point if they were going to take us for lunch since it was taking so long. Once we finally got home we gave Chris his gift and he was very excited to get a new gadget……guy thing. He loves his new Samsung Galaxy phone, very cool.

This afternoon my son Nick wanted me to cut his hair for him…..too cheap to get a real hair cut so he dropped by for a buzz cut, and stayed for dinner.

I had tried to call my dad to wish him a Happy Father’s Day but the best I could do was leave a message with my brother to let him know I had called, so while dinner was cooking my brother called me back to let me know my parents were at their place so I did get an opportunity to speak to my dad, and my mom as well (more like yell though, my dad is a little hard of hearing).

Dinner was great…..barbequed steaks and fries…..too bad it was raining a bit while Chris was trying to barbecue, at least he didn’t have to stand out in the sun and melt like usual. We enjoyed family time over dinner and after Shana and Nick left Chris and I spent the evening watching old Gilmore Girls episodes on DVD.

Chris barbecuing in the rain….shower.

Erika and Shana….hungry much?

Finally dinner is ready…..almost.

These two kill me when they are together……

Happy Dad with 3 of his kids…..and his new phone in hand.

All in all it was a great day!! 🙂 HAPPY FATHER’S DAY CHRIS!! 🙂

Happy Father’s Day!!


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