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Vacation …..Day 3

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Well vacation day 3 got off to a great start. At 4:00am the dog barked, the kind of bark you think you might hear if someone is trying to break into your house in the middle of the night…..then the bathroom light snapped on, and then……the puking began.

It would seem that whatever Erika put into her system at the wedding last night was not agreeing with her. So being the good mom I am, I lay in bed listening for the throwing up to end, thinking to myself how glad I am that she made it to the bathroom in time. After a while I heard her go downstairs and start rummaging around so I figured she was getting herself a puke bucket to take back to bed with her. Ahhhh, I have trained my kids well, they are rarely sick to their stomach’s but when they are they know enough to get themselves a bucket in case they can’t make it to the bathroom in time for the next onslaught of vomiting. It was a proud moment for me….but short lived.

So now the light is on in the spare room….I was still lying in bed and I asked Erika what she was looking for in the spare room. She told me she wasn’t looking for anything; she was going to sleep in there. Now I was thinking why would she need to sleep in there? It is closer to the bathroom but only by a couple of steps. This room wouldn’t be cooler than hers since both rooms face the back of the house, so I doubt the spare room window would be getting more breeze than hers would. So I asked her why she was now sleeping in there. Her answer?…….So matter of factly? I can’t sleep in my room; there is puke all over in there. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? I’m out of bed now!! In my head I’m thinking, “You are 17 years old, you don’t just throw up and then just leave it there and go sleep somewhere else and expect the puke fairy to arrive overnight and clean up the mess for you.” I guess I shouldn’t feel so smug after all about having trained my kids so well to know what to do when they are sick.

Just to make it clear, I am not a cleaner upper of puke and never have been. I’m grateful that I had 4 kids that rarely got sick and needed my help with the clean-up. However when they were I was next to useless.

When I was pregnant with my daughter Shana, my son Ryan was 3 years old. He was sleeping in my bed one night and in the morning he sat up in bed and threw up the baked beans he had eaten at my parents house the night before. Ok, so not to be gross (not true, I am totally being gross here) but baked beans look the same coming up as going down. I was never a fan of baked beans but became even less of a fan after this episode. I remember trying to get my poor little boy out of his little jammies and cleaned up but honestly, every time I touched him to try to get his shirt unbuttoned I had to run to the bathroom myself. I finally had to call my mom (shameful, I know) to come and help me get him cleaned up so I could get myself ready for work.  The other sick time that stands out in my mind (another shameful experience for me) was when our 16-year-old niece Amanda was babysitting for us, Ryan would have been about 8 years old at the time. When we got home Amanda told me that Ryan had been sick but he seemed fine and was back in bed. I apologized to her that she had to deal with that but she said it was fine, no big deal. I of course couldn’t imagine anyone thinking that dealing with a sick kid was no big deal. Well sure enough as we were sitting there talking Ryan came running out of his room to the bathroom to be sick again. Amanda asked me if I wanted her to go in there with him to make sure he was ok and of course I told her no, not to be silly, I’m his mother of course I can take care of him while he is sick. I walked into that bathroom, took one look at him throwing up and practically body checked him out of the way so I could have the toilet to throw up in. What a great mom… embarrassing. Now I had to tell Amanda I changed my mind, I couldn’t deal with it and I needed the 16-year-old kid to take care of it. I think I won Mom of The Year Award that night too (I have won Mom of The Year Award a few times over the years.) So that is a small glimpse into the history of me dealing with pukers…..not so good.

So there I was last night, attempting to clean up the puke from Erika’s floor. It really didn’t go so well and when my husband heard me gagging he asked if I was going to be ok and I assured him that I was not. Have I mentioned how much I love my husband? When he got up to take over the clean- up he was definitely my knight in shining armour. 🙂 Once everything was cleaned up and we were talking about it he told me he was going to let me do it but once he heard me gagging he decided that if he had to clean up after both of us that would have been even worse.

We finally got to bed around 5:00am only to have to let the dogs out about an hour later. I wasn’t ready to stay up at that hour so I sent them back to bed and didn’t get up again until after 9:00am.

Day 3 has certainly started out as a good one.  I’m hoping to spend the better part of this day sitting out on my back deck reading my book….maybe even sneaking a nap in there somewhere too.


Vacation ….. Day 2

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This is day 2 of my vacation, it’s Saturday so it’s not really a vacation day but I’m going to call it one anyway because I want more vacation days.

This morning I actually slept in until about 9:00 am…..thanks to my husband getting up with the dogs (after I took them out at 6:00am and then went back to bed). I got some laundry started and decided to have a bowl of cereal to start my day…..banana nut cheerios…..they were so tasty that I poured myself a second bowl but before I got the milk added my husband asked me if I was going to be very happy that I ate all that cereal if he decided he wanted to go out for breakfast…..I dumped the second bowl pretty quick, the bacon and eggs beat the cereal hands down.

We couldn’t do too much during the day today because we had to cart Erika all over the city. Her bosses wedding was today and they invited their staff to attend, however there was a catch to the invite….their staff was going to do a flash mob dance at their reception. They had a few rehearsals but Erika was either working or playing soccer for all of those, so last chance rehearsal was today at 3:00pm at the reception hall. Nearly an hour later we had to pick her up from there and get her to work for 4:00pm. They closed up at 6:00pm so that everyone could get to the wedding for 7:30pm so we picked her up from work shortly after 6:00pm and brought her home so she could get ready for the wedding…..a shower was definitely needed after working for 2 hours. We dropped her off at the wedding at 7:00pm……and then it was our time to do what we wanted.

We went hiking, that’s right, time for a hike through the woods. We spent about an hour and a half wandering along the trails in Preservation Park and walked a total of 7 km.

The route we traveled on our hike.

We saw a few deer along the way and managed to get a couple of decent pictures…..they didn’t even seem to care that we were invading their space. By the time we were back to our starting point it was pretty much dark out, but we will certainly do that walk again.


Now we are sitting up waiting for Erika to call us to go pick her up from the wedding.

I can’t wait to see what plans we come up with for day 3 of our “no plans” vacation.

Vacation….Day 1

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This is day 1 of my second week of vacation for this year. My first week was in March and we took a trip to New Brunswick. This week we have no plans….I still have 2 more weeks to take but I haven’t decided when yet.

To start off my “no special plans” vacation week, I got up at 5:30 to take the dogs out, then got laundry started and drove my husband to work so I could keep the car, just in case I needed it. When I got back home I called the vet to make an appointment for our dog Emma for later this afternoon, then I had to trim her nails and give her a good brushing so the vet wouldn’t make me feel guilty about neglecting her grooming. Then it was time to take the dogs for a walk before it got too hot….it already was too hot, so I just took them for a short walk….2km, brought them home and then went walking on my own.

I did a 10km walk counting the 2km I did with the dogs and I took a few pics and some video of a deer in the woods…..While I was watching the deer there was a man on the trail who stood perfectly still while I was recording so he wouldn’t scare it away….that was very nice of him. 🙂

I love the shade of red in this picture.

I’m all about the red.

The winding path.

More burgundy than red, but still nice.

Bird on the swamp.

Clouds reflected on the swamp.

Hanging from the tree.

This chipmunk chased a squirrel out of the tree ….. and then kept a close eye on me.

More swamp.

This ugly creature tried to block my path, but I managed to get around him…..he was HUGE!


Kinda in the middle of no where.

I think this tree has seen better days.

A busy bee.

Caught the bee flying away.

Another busy bee.

I’ve wondered what these were.

A frog sunning himself in the swamp.

This guy might be trying to hide.

A prince perhaps?

Hard to catch these guys.

Very pretty.

Just hanging out.

Sitting pretty.

These birds are my favorite colour.

Amazing how light these birds are.

Hiding in the cat tails.

And last…. a little brown bird sitting in a tree.

An Interesting Thursday

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What an interesting day…..It’s Thursday, should have been a fairly uneventful regular work day, but it wasn’t.

I made a doctor’s appointment for myself for 10:30 this morning, so I told my new boss (she just started on Monday) that I would be late coming in to work. I’m not sure she was overly thrilled about it since I also needed a couple of hours off yesterday for my dentist appointment and Erika’s physio appointment. I told her I should be back between 11:00 and 11:30. By the time I got out of my appointment it was a little after 11:00 so I was pretty much right on schedule. 

I was headed back to work and was trying to decide which route would be the quickest way to go, you know, fewer stop lights etc…..and the route I settled on was definitely not the right one to take……one street before my destination and I got pulled over for speeding!! How could I have been speeding when I wasn’t going any faster than the cars in front of me? They didn’t get pulled over! I guess my pretty red car must have attracted them. 🙂 So I give the very nice young officer my driver’s license, registration and insurance card and in return he gave me a $52.00 speeding ticket…..I was so close, only one street away from work.


Once I finally got back to work it was nearly lunch time so I grabbed a slice of pizza and some fries from Pizza Pizza and sat down to enjoy my lunch. I took a bite of my fries and oh my gosh…..a piece of my tooth broke off!!! The fries weren’t even hard!! And the worse part was I was just at the dentist yesterday getting a check up and cleaning!!


Now I had to call the dentist to get my tooth looked at. Well I guess it was fortunate that they had an opening at 2:15 this afternoon, but now I had to ask my new boss if I could leave work again for about an hour, there was a little hemming and hawing before she said it was ok but I did need to get it looked at so back to the dentist I went. My dentist gave me two choices, a temporary fill which would take about 5 minutes to do, or a permanent fix which meant freezing and about 45 minutes. What to do, what to do? Take 5 minutes and scoot back to work as if I was never gone? Or take 45 minutes or more and go back to work drooling and frozen lipped for the afternoon? I took the quick fix even though it was tempting to end up spending the afternoon dealing with customers with a frozen lip and drooling out the side of my mouth. So now I will get the permanent fix on Saturday when I can just go home afterwards and wait for the freezing to come out of my mouth in the privacy of my home.

What I thought was just going to be a trip to the doctor’s and then to work for the day took a couple of interesting twists just to liven things up. Tomorrow is Friday and I’m hoping for a much more boring day.

Beautiful Kelso Conservation Area

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What a great day for a hike… but the scenery was beautiful.

I think we will do this hike again in the fall when the leaves are changing and there are not so many flies. 🙂

A Lovely Evening For a Walk

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My husband and I dropped our daughter off at the Mall so she could pick up a few things for her soccer team trip to Wonderland tomorrow and we picked a different trail for an evening walk. Still hot out but much cooler this evening than it was this morning.

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Family Reunion Time

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It’s the 54th Annual Seymour Family Reunion this weekend, a pretty big deal to my family.

I have missed the last 12 since the last one I attended was in 2000, just 2 weeks before the kids and I moved from New Brunswick to Ontario, prior to that I had not missed a single family reunion celebration.

The reunion was always on the Sunday closest to July 17th, the wedding anniversary of my great grandparents John and Jennie Seymour…the couple responsible for starting this wonderful family. Now it has expanded to two days of celebrations, so today the fun begins.

Since I haven’t been to an annual reunion in the last 12 years I haven’t had the opportunity to meet some of the newest members of the family. I was trying to recall all of the family that I know and while this will mean nothing to most readers it’s a test to me and my knowledge of my extended family on my mom’s side. I will not know everyone who has gotten married or has had children in the past few years so if I leave people out or make a mistake with someone’s name (it has been a while) please don’t be offended…just fill me in. 🙂

John and Jennie Seymour had 5 children…..John, Alma, Barbara, Marion and Olive, they of course married and had families of their own….my cousins.

My Great Uncle John married Margaret and had their daughter Betty. Betty married David and they have two children Pamela and Andrew. Pamela married Michael and they have 2 children Levi and Rachel. I know Andrew got married to Ellen but I am not sure about children.

My Great Aunt Alma married Robert and they had 2 children, Robert John, and Jane. Robert John married Donna and they have two children, Karen and Marten. Jane married Eric and they have two sons Adam and Matthew. That’s where my knowledge of Aunt Alma’s family ends, I assume some of these kids could be married and have children but I don’t know for sure.

My Great Aunt Barbara married Aubrey and they also had two children, Theo and Alma Faye. Theo now goes by Ted and maybe he always did but I only knew him as Theo. I can’t remember who Theo married but I know they have two children, Karen and David. I also don’t remember who Alma was married to but I do remember that they have three sons, Michael, Randy and Stephen. Stephen passed away several years ago. Michael married Duranie and they have 2 children Kyle and Kristin. That’s where my memory and knowledge stops with Aunt Barbara’s family.

My Great Aunt Marion married George and they had 8 children. Their first child Dorothy Jeanne passed away in infancy, they also had John, Keith, Marilyn, Glen, Arnold, Janet and Katharine. I know John married Laura and they have twin sons Brent and Derek. Marilyn married Pasqualino and they have two children, Andrea and Mario. I know Andrea got married but I’m not sure about Mario. Janet married Eldon and they have three children, Jennifer, Angela and Wesley. Jennifer married Jason and they have a son Sean. Angela has two children, Brooks and Anderson and I believe I heard that Wesley has a son, but I am not 100% sure.  Katharine married Carl and they have two children, Martin and Grace. Grace has a son Jackson. I obviously am missing a lot of knowledge about Aunt Marion’s family.

My Grandmother Olive married Andrew and they had 9 children, Barbara, Andrew, Catherine (my mom), John, Gwen, Mary, David, Charles and Jennie Elizabeth who passed away in infancy. Aunt Barbara married Cecil (we call him Uncle Mick) and they have four children, Charles, Laura, Kathleen and Ken. Charles married Nicole and they have a son Kristofor. Laura married Bruce and they have 2 daughters, Theresa and Angela. Theresa married Jeff and they have a daughter Reagan. Angela has two children, Emma and Wyatt. Kathleen (Kathy) has 2 children Jennifer and Jarrod. Uncle Andrew married Patricia who passed away a few years ago. They have 3 sons, Michael, Mark and Jeffrey. Michael has a son Eric, Mark has three step children and Jeff has 3 daughters, Hannah, Jessica and Bridget, Hannah passed away a few years ago. My mom Catherine married….my dad Edwin. 🙂 They have 4 children… and my siblings. There is Edwin, Susan, Me and Andrew. My brother Edwin married Elizabeth and they have 2 children, Elizabeth’s daughter Christina and their daughter Maggie May. My sister Susan married Brad and they have 2 children Jamie and Miranda. Jamie is married to Cheryl. I am married to Chris and we have four children (his step children), Ryan, Shana, Nicholas and Erika. My brother Andrew is married to Patricia and they have two daughters Jillian and Abby. Uncle John married Simone and they have 2 children, Nancy and Richard. Aunt Gwen married Ken and they have three children, Ken’s daughter Lynn, and their sons Ken and Stephen. Lynn has two sons Matthew and Travis, Stephen married Katherine and they have 3 children  Chloe, Ryleigh and Sawyer. Aunt Mary married Ernest and they have two sons Ernest and Kevin. Uncle David married Mary Ann, David passed away six years ago. They have three children, Dan, Tom and Andrea. Dan is married to Kelly, Tom is married to Laura and they have a new baby girl Alice. Andrea  to John Paul and they have 3 children, Lauren, Rylie and Willow. This is my home branch of the family, so to speak, with my first cousins and their children and I clearly don’t even know all of them.

I’m sure I forgot to include some family and for that I apologize. I also know that there have been divorces, separations, re-marriages and new marriages, partners and other relationships and there are for sure step-kids that I don’t know about and there are new babies that I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting or seeing pictures of but I one day hope to.

To all my Seymour Family descendants that are able to attend the reunion this weekend…Have a great time and enjoy visiting and catching up with everyone including the newest members of this great family.