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Rabbits and Deer

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I think it’s time to name the trail “Bunny Trail” with Peter Cottontail. Every morning when I walk this trail it seems there are even more rabbits than the day before. They are cute and all, but it is hard to keep the dogs moving forward with all the tempting rabbit chasing there is. This morning it wasn’t just the rabbits that had the dogs wound up, the deer were somewhat of a distraction too.

After I took the dogs home I went back out with my camera to try to capture some of the wildlife…..and plant life (the plant life is obviously much easier to capture).

Who knew such a mean plant could be so pretty….?

Bunny Ears 🙂

He thinks I can’t see him because he is sitting so still…..

This bird did not appreciate me taking it’s picture….tried to chase me away.

Pretty nice of this rabbit to sit and pose for me and even nicer of the jogger behind me to stop running while I took this picture….thank you random jogger guy. 🙂

Eating breakfast but keeping an eye on me at the same time.





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  1. Nature is so beautiful, great pictures! Shame on the people who destroy it.


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