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An Interesting Thursday

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What an interesting day…..It’s Thursday, should have been a fairly uneventful regular work day, but it wasn’t.

I made a doctor’s appointment for myself for 10:30 this morning, so I told my new boss (she just started on Monday) that I would be late coming in to work. I’m not sure she was overly thrilled about it since I also needed a couple of hours off yesterday for my dentist appointment and Erika’s physio appointment. I told her I should be back between 11:00 and 11:30. By the time I got out of my appointment it was a little after 11:00 so I was pretty much right on schedule. 

I was headed back to work and was trying to decide which route would be the quickest way to go, you know, fewer stop lights etc…..and the route I settled on was definitely not the right one to take……one street before my destination and I got pulled over for speeding!! How could I have been speeding when I wasn’t going any faster than the cars in front of me? They didn’t get pulled over! I guess my pretty red car must have attracted them. 🙂 So I give the very nice young officer my driver’s license, registration and insurance card and in return he gave me a $52.00 speeding ticket…..I was so close, only one street away from work.


Once I finally got back to work it was nearly lunch time so I grabbed a slice of pizza and some fries from Pizza Pizza and sat down to enjoy my lunch. I took a bite of my fries and oh my gosh…..a piece of my tooth broke off!!! The fries weren’t even hard!! And the worse part was I was just at the dentist yesterday getting a check up and cleaning!!


Now I had to call the dentist to get my tooth looked at. Well I guess it was fortunate that they had an opening at 2:15 this afternoon, but now I had to ask my new boss if I could leave work again for about an hour, there was a little hemming and hawing before she said it was ok but I did need to get it looked at so back to the dentist I went. My dentist gave me two choices, a temporary fill which would take about 5 minutes to do, or a permanent fix which meant freezing and about 45 minutes. What to do, what to do? Take 5 minutes and scoot back to work as if I was never gone? Or take 45 minutes or more and go back to work drooling and frozen lipped for the afternoon? I took the quick fix even though it was tempting to end up spending the afternoon dealing with customers with a frozen lip and drooling out the side of my mouth. So now I will get the permanent fix on Saturday when I can just go home afterwards and wait for the freezing to come out of my mouth in the privacy of my home.

What I thought was just going to be a trip to the doctor’s and then to work for the day took a couple of interesting twists just to liven things up. Tomorrow is Friday and I’m hoping for a much more boring day.

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