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Vacation ….. Day 2

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This is day 2 of my vacation, it’s Saturday so it’s not really a vacation day but I’m going to call it one anyway because I want more vacation days.

This morning I actually slept in until about 9:00 am…..thanks to my husband getting up with the dogs (after I took them out at 6:00am and then went back to bed). I got some laundry started and decided to have a bowl of cereal to start my day…..banana nut cheerios…..they were so tasty that I poured myself a second bowl but before I got the milk added my husband asked me if I was going to be very happy that I ate all that cereal if he decided he wanted to go out for breakfast…..I dumped the second bowl pretty quick, the bacon and eggs beat the cereal hands down.

We couldn’t do too much during the day today because we had to cart Erika all over the city. Her bosses wedding was today and they invited their staff to attend, however there was a catch to the invite….their staff was going to do a flash mob dance at their reception. They had a few rehearsals but Erika was either working or playing soccer for all of those, so last chance rehearsal was today at 3:00pm at the reception hall. Nearly an hour later we had to pick her up from there and get her to work for 4:00pm. They closed up at 6:00pm so that everyone could get to the wedding for 7:30pm so we picked her up from work shortly after 6:00pm and brought her home so she could get ready for the wedding…..a shower was definitely needed after working for 2 hours. We dropped her off at the wedding at 7:00pm……and then it was our time to do what we wanted.

We went hiking, that’s right, time for a hike through the woods. We spent about an hour and a half wandering along the trails in Preservation Park and walked a total of 7 km.

The route we traveled on our hike.

We saw a few deer along the way and managed to get a couple of decent pictures…..they didn’t even seem to care that we were invading their space. By the time we were back to our starting point it was pretty much dark out, but we will certainly do that walk again.


Now we are sitting up waiting for Erika to call us to go pick her up from the wedding.

I can’t wait to see what plans we come up with for day 3 of our “no plans” vacation.

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