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Monthly Archives: August 2012

My Summer Day

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Today is my summer day… is a summer day even though it feels a bit like Fall out there, but I like Fall so I don’t mind that at all.

This is Friday and I’m not working because it’s my Summer Day. My work has a plan in the summer to get extra work out of you. If we work an extra half hour each day Monday through Thursday all summer we can take a half day every second Friday or a full day every fourth Friday. It’s pretty clever on their part because we all put in that extra half hour of work for the company and they know they might as well give us the Friday off in return because none of are really working on Fridays in the summer anyway. See what I mean…..clever!

So today it is just the dogs and me at home….very peaceful, except for the odd bark at the front window when someone walks by. Since it’s not as hot and humid as it’s been all week we started our day off with a long walk. Cody, Emma and I walked through the trails to my husband’s work and had a little visit with him. I like to think we brightened his day just a little.

Of course I took my camera with me so I snapped some pictures along the way.

Another beautiful walk on a beautiful day!! 🙂

Get All Your Ducks In A Row

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I was out walking this morning with my dogs and took some pictures of ducks in the pond…..mostly. Now that we have had some rain the ducks seem much more plentiful. The only other thing I saw of interest was the ugly little grasshopper. That`s not totally true….I also saw a couple of deer but did not manage to get any good pictures of them.


Vacation……last day

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Oh no…..where did the time go, today is my last day of vacation…..for this time around. I still have another 2 weeks to take but since my husband doesn’t get as much time off as I do, I will most likely be taking vacation time alone, that’s not nearly as much fun. 😦

This morning I got up around 6:00am to let the poochies out for their morning pee break, threw a load of laundry in the washer and as soon as it was finished and in the dryer, the pooches and I went back to bed….ah how I love vacation and sleeping in. We got up again around 9:30am only because I had to take Erika to work for 9:45 or there’s no telling how long I might have slept in. We had a change in air yesterday so we turned off the air conditioning last night and slept with the windows open. There’s nothing better than sleeping all snuggled in under the blankies with the cool air blowing on you, makes me look forward to Fall since this has been such a hot summer.

I probably should have taken the dogs out for their walk earlier than I did…..noon was a bit hot for them but we did a short walk and I snapped a few pictures along the way.



Vacation……Day 9

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Today’s adventure …… St. Jacob’s Farmers Market. I have been living in Ontario for 12 years and until today I have never been to this Farmer’s Market and it’s only about an hour from home.

We took Erika to work for 10:00am (she was hoping we would go for breakfast first, but that wasn’t in the cards for this morning) and then headed out for the day.

First stop was…..of course…..Tim Horton’s……for my husband’s coffee fix (and a blueberry muffin for me).

On our way we took a little side track to the West Montrose Covered Bridge , the last remaining covered bridge in Ontario. A little taste of down home. Of course I took a couple of pictures.

West Montrose Covered Bridge

The entrance to the bridge

Side view

The pretty little house along the Grand River next to the bridge.

As we drove through St. Jacob’s the first thing that caught our eye, or our bellies, was the Stone Crock Restaurant. We were hoping for breakfast but just missed it so lunch it was. We both had the fish and chips which was really good but our server neglected to tell us that they had a lunch buffet which looked absolutely spectacular. Now we will have to go back again just for the buffet.

We had a great time at the market but have decided that we need to go again on a much cooler day, walking around in the crowds of people in 35 degree weather was a bit much for us.

Heading in to the Farmers Market.

Crowds of people.

Very colourful veggies.

We made a few purchases, some fresh tomatoes, potatoes, and peaches, a top for me and a snazzy bandana for Emma.

Emma sporting her snazzy new bandana from the Market.

Once we made our way out of the Market we stopped in at Conestoga Mall to look around for a bit before coming home. We bought a couple of items….just to say we were there, and then headed home to cool off in our cool air-conditioned house. Another great day spent together as vacation is winding down.

Vacation…Day 6

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Yesterday was day 6 of my vacation and the best day yet….not just because we did stuff but because it was the first day my husband was on vacation with me. 🙂

Normally when we take vacation in the summer and either never do anything…because we can’t really afford to….or we end up taking Erika to some sporting event of hers, vacation usually revolves around her. Not this year, vacation is still about doing nothing but it’s not about Erika this year…sorry kid.

Yesterday my husband and I did stuff just for us, we got up early and headed out for the day leaving instructions for Erika to take care of the dogs, and find her own way to her physio appointment.

We had planned on leaving by 7:00am but it was closer to 8:00am by the time we got out on the road. First stop was Tim Horton’s but that goes without saying……second stop was The Scenic Caves and Suspension Bridge in Collingwood. The hike to the caves was challenging for a couple of old geezers like us but it was worth it.

This is the sign that greets you at the end of the climb up to the caves….it was the hard part.

This is the sign pointing to a great lookout point.

View from the Indian Council

Amazing view

Another great view

Several more caves and caverns

Once we went through all of the caves and caverns we took the nature trail through the woods, sort of a nice cool down in the shade of the trees.

Once we finished this cool down hike we headed off in the other direction to find the Suspension Bridge. I took some pictures along the way to the next trail. Believe it or not it was a hike downhill to the bridge from where we were…..which means the hike back to the parking lot would be all uphill.

Downhill to the Suspension Bridge

The Bridge

View from the Bridge

Chris on the Bridge

Me on the Bridge

Our selfy on the Bridge

A little Falls at the other end of the bridge

Once you get to the end of the bridge….there is no where to go except back across where you came from.

Another spectacular view from the Bridge

Chris walking back across the Bridge

Once we were off the bridge we had to do the long all uphill walk back to the parking lot. It didn’t help that it was so hot out. Well we did make it back and my husband bought the shirt to show for the efforts.

This is the shirt the Chris bought from the gift shop… describes the situation perfectly.

After working up such a sweat hiking all morning we grabbed lunch at Wendy’s and then headed for Wasaga Beach to spend the afternoon cooling off. I think this just might be my favorite beach now…not that I have been to so many beaches but since I’m not a swimmer I totally appreciated how far I could walk out into the water and it was never above my waist. I took some pictures from the shore and yes I took my non waterproof camera out into the water with me to take some pictures to show how far from shore we were and the water was still so shallow.

The water is just to my knees

Some pictures of us on the beach… artistic work. 🙂

Drawing in the sand

Almost done…..

Completed. 🙂

Our selfy on the beach.

We packed up around 4:00pm…once we were sufficiently sun burned and took a stroll along the beach shops, made a couple of purchases and then drove back into Collingwood for a little tour along the water front.

This is my favorite picture of the day…My husband with his new hat, drinking his Tim Horton’s coffee and standing on the rocks beside the water. ❤

To end this fantastic day together we had a delicious meal at Kelsey’s. I had the Kickin’ Quesadilla and Chris had the Fire-Grilled Steak…..for dessert he had the Maple Apple Pie and I had the Deep Fried Mars Bar and Ice Cream…to die for.

What a great end to a perfect day…..of course we put on any calories we burned off hiking…..and then some. 🙂

Loving my life.