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Vacation……Day 9

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Today’s adventure …… St. Jacob’s Farmers Market. I have been living in Ontario for 12 years and until today I have never been to this Farmer’s Market and it’s only about an hour from home.

We took Erika to work for 10:00am (she was hoping we would go for breakfast first, but that wasn’t in the cards for this morning) and then headed out for the day.

First stop was…..of course…..Tim Horton’s……for my husband’s coffee fix (and a blueberry muffin for me).

On our way we took a little side track to the West Montrose Covered Bridge , the last remaining covered bridge in Ontario. A little taste of down home. Of course I took a couple of pictures.

West Montrose Covered Bridge

The entrance to the bridge

Side view

The pretty little house along the Grand River next to the bridge.

As we drove through St. Jacob’s the first thing that caught our eye, or our bellies, was the Stone Crock Restaurant. We were hoping for breakfast but just missed it so lunch it was. We both had the fish and chips which was really good but our server neglected to tell us that they had a lunch buffet which looked absolutely spectacular. Now we will have to go back again just for the buffet.

We had a great time at the market but have decided that we need to go again on a much cooler day, walking around in the crowds of people in 35 degree weather was a bit much for us.

Heading in to the Farmers Market.

Crowds of people.

Very colourful veggies.

We made a few purchases, some fresh tomatoes, potatoes, and peaches, a top for me and a snazzy bandana for Emma.

Emma sporting her snazzy new bandana from the Market.

Once we made our way out of the Market we stopped in at Conestoga Mall to look around for a bit before coming home. We bought a couple of items….just to say we were there, and then headed home to cool off in our cool air-conditioned house. Another great day spent together as vacation is winding down.


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