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My Summer Day

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Today is my summer day… is a summer day even though it feels a bit like Fall out there, but I like Fall so I don’t mind that at all.

This is Friday and I’m not working because it’s my Summer Day. My work has a plan in the summer to get extra work out of you. If we work an extra half hour each day Monday through Thursday all summer we can take a half day every second Friday or a full day every fourth Friday. It’s pretty clever on their part because we all put in that extra half hour of work for the company and they know they might as well give us the Friday off in return because none of are really working on Fridays in the summer anyway. See what I mean…..clever!

So today it is just the dogs and me at home….very peaceful, except for the odd bark at the front window when someone walks by. Since it’s not as hot and humid as it’s been all week we started our day off with a long walk. Cody, Emma and I walked through the trails to my husband’s work and had a little visit with him. I like to think we brightened his day just a little.

Of course I took my camera with me so I snapped some pictures along the way.

Another beautiful walk on a beautiful day!! 🙂


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