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A Trip To The Market

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I have lived in Guelph for nearly 12 years and today was my first trip to The Guelph Farmer’s Market…..


My husband and I got up and went for breakfast this morning and then had to run a couple of errands and then stopped in at The Market. We have often said we were going to go but something has always come up when we have thought about it….like bad weather, kid crisis’ and any number of other life happenings.

It was a beautiful day for a stroll through the Market. We checked out all the vendor’s inside the building and I bought a tiny $5.00 bottle of homemade Raspberry jam. The jam is good but now I think I want to learn how to make my own jam…..could be fun.




When we stepped outside of the building the first vendor we saw was selling apples, they looked fantastic but I only like one kind of apple…..Gala…..I don’t actually recognize a Gala when I see it so I told my husband the apples looked good and I asked the vendor what kind they were and he told me they were a Gala, imagine that, just the kind I like. I asked if they are a hard, kind of tart apple and right before my eyes dude snapped the apple in half with his bare hands and gave us each a half to sample. Maybe you have all seen that done before but I was suitably impressed by his skills….so impressed that I bought a bag of them… I have more apples than I can eat. Maybe I can make something out of them?

We then checked out some of the other outdoor vendors and decided that we wanted to purchase a basket of potatoes. Everything seemed to be $5.00 so I walk up to the guy behind the table and said I would like to purchase a basket of potatoes and he looked at me like I had insulted him and said I needed to talk to the lady beside him….sheesh…..I’m sorry…..the table was right up against your little fruit tables so I assumed they were your potatoes… sorry for disturbing you. Then I got my potatoes and we took our Market purchases and left.

I must say all in all I did enjoy my visit to the Farmers Market and will probably do it again sometime.

Oh, and on the way out there was an older gentleman playing some tunes on his guitar…..we dropped a $5 bill into his little bucket…..because, as I said…..everything seemed to be 5 bucks.

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