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Daily Archives: November 17, 2012

Our November Hike

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This summer my husband and I hiked Starkey Hill. It was pretty…..pretty hot and buggy. We told ourselves that we would come back and hike it again in the fall when the temperature was a bit cooler and the mosquitoes were no longer around to carry us away. Well today was that day.

Since I got my new camera I have been dying to get out play with the settings to take pictures in different light. I thought we would just go for a walk around our own neighborhood but my husband suggested that we hike Starkey Hill again. I was game for sure….a chance to play with my camera and a hike to work off the bacon and egg breakfast from Angels Diner.

The hike was great, we met all kinds of other hikers and dog walkers and there was that very special moment when my husband was hiking behind me and out of the blue he said, “These jeans you’re wearing……they do nothing for your butt.” Well I guess I will be donating these pants to goodwill, I can’t go around wearing jeans that are not flattering to my behind.

All in all it was a great day for a hike, most of my pictures turned out alright but I still have some work to do and some things to learn.

Fill In The Blanks Friday….November 17th

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It’s fill in the blanks Friday time……I know, I ran out of time on Friday but I still wanted to do it. I get the blanks from My Little Blessed Life and she links up with The Little Things we Do.  Check out both of their blogs.

1.  My best quality is   I always see the best in people and then it seems to take me by surprise when I finally realize that everyone isn’t as nice or as smart as I expect them to be…..maybe that’s not actually a good quality.

2.  One of my less flattering qualities is I talk too much, especially after work when we are driving home from work and I am on a rant about someone at work who drove me crazy that day with something they did or said (proving to me that they are not as nice or smart as I expected them to be). I also tend to talk too much when I meet up with someone and I need to learn to say “see you later” and move on because I have somewhere to be……usually my husband is waiting for me to tie my tongue in a knot and get moving……yes I definitely talk too much. 🙂
3.  I’d rather be taking photos with my new camera than going to work most days lately. I need to figure out how I can combine the two things. 🙂
4. Something I have been challenged with lately is  getting used to the management styles of two new bosses at work.
5. I am looking forward to  my mom coming to spend Christmas with us!!!! Can’t wait to see her again!!! 😀
6. A super random factoid about me is  I really hate doing the dishes….I would rather do laundry all day than wash and dry dishes, it’s what I don’t like about baking or cooking a big meal…..the dish washing afterwards.
7.  I want to spend more time relaxing at home with my family and less time thinking about what is or isn’t happening at work when I’m not there……something I have to work on.