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Daily Archives: November 21, 2012

The New Droid

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I have mentioned before that I prefer doing laundry over other household chores. Well doing laundry hasn’t been that fun over the past few months. Our beautiful washing machine died on us this summer and since we couldn’t afford to get it fixed right away, we set it aside and rented one from Easy Home… might think that is an odd thing to do but the $20 a week we spent on rent was worth not spending time and money at the laundromat.

The washer we rented was a top load that made a lot of noise, used a lot of water, and I’m not sure it actually cleaned the clothes very well, however that being said it was still better than wasting time at the laundromat.

This past week we finally called someone in to look at our broken washer and see about getting it fixed. The service call was $60 and the repair guy basically plugged it in put it through the cycle….empty and we all believed it was fixed……Happy Day!! That evening we put 3 loads through and it worked, no problem……then, problem. It struggled with the switch between wash and rinse, and then rinse and spin. If you’re familiar with front loads they have a safety feature where they lock and you can’t open the door until the cycle is finished. That’s a problem when you have your daughters work uniform in it washing and it stops without finishing the cycle and you think the door will never unlock and let you get your clothes back. Fortunately it did eventually finish its cycle and unlocked itself.

Obviously the washing machine was not fixed. So we called another repair company and their service call was $75, and their verdict was….buy a new one. The bearings were shot and the cost to fix it was equal to the cost of a new one give or take a hundred dollars or so.

Today we said good-bye to the droid that served us well for the past 6 years……

Good-bye little Droid

and happily welcomed the new droid into our home.

Hello new Droid.

Here’s hoping the new droid enjoys his new home and serves us as well as his predecessor. Welcome home little droid, welcome home. 🙂