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Daily Archives: November 25, 2012


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This year I am going to be 50 years old on my birthday…..which is not until Wednesday, by the way! However last night my husband and children took me out to dinner and presented me with my second birthday present… family ring!!

My Family Ring

I love it!!! I really love that it has everyone’s names beside their birthstone so that as I get older and more forgetful I can remember the names of my children and what order they are in. 🙂 …… maybe it will help prevent me from calling them all each others names too, you know what I mean, where you go through all of your children’s names until you get to the one you are trying to say……not that I ever do that.

Oh yes, I must also mention my decoy gift which was the top box in my gift bag…..meant to throw me off, but I dug to the bottom of the bag right away, I’m on to their little tricks……nice try Shana. 🙂


We went to Turtle Jack’s for dinner and the restaurant is right beside the theater so it was really busy on a Saturday night, and they don’t take reservations so we had a bit of a wait. I had trouble deciding what I wanted but finally settled on their Chicken Parmesan, it was quite tasty, but of course the birthday dessert was the best…..I even shared it….a little.

Skor® Brownie Obsession

It was great to have a dinner out with the whole family. Those can be hard to plan when everyone is so busy with their own lives.

After dinner I used my earlier birthday present to take the picture of my ring…That would be my Canon Rebel T4i, which my husband gave me early because he couldn’t wait any longer to see my reaction when I opened it……another gift which I absolutely love.

My early birthday present.

I’m loving this turning 50 thing…’s been going on for a whole month now. 🙂 And yes I feel very loved and spoiled by my family.