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Time to say Good-Bye

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I woke up early this morning, even before my husband who was planning to get up for the very early World Juniors Canada vs US game, (unfortunately the outcome of the game wasn’t so great). So I laid there trying not to go back to sleep waiting for Chris to get up….just in case he didn’t get up in time, and managed to miss the big game. He finally got up and was joined by the boys who came bearing coffee. I then woke Erika to see if she was getting up to join her brothers to watch the game and she did but that didn’t last too long before she went back to bed to watch it on her laptop.  By this time I was pretty wide awake so I turned the game on and started watching it from bed. I only managed to get the first period in and the next thing I knew Chris and the dogs came busting into the bedroom to get me up. It seems I did manage to fall back to sleep for a bit. Apparently after the game Mom got up to say good-bye to the boys since she was going home today.

I took Chris to work so I could have the car today to drive Erika to Kitchener for her soccer teams secret Santa party which is a sleepover. Erika gave Nan her big hugs good-bye when we dropped her off since she would be gone when she gets home tomorrow.

I took some more pictures today while we were all sitting around….waiting for time to go.

Emma and Mom both watching something on TV

Emma and Mom both watching something on TV

We decided pizza would be a good idea for dinner since I didn’t really feel like cooking anything and we would need to leave for the airport shortly after 6:30 pm. I ordered the pizza and then went to pick up Chris from work. Shana was here when we got back so she could say her good-bye to her Nan once again, but she left before the pizza arrived. Once we finished eating Ryan and Whitney came by for another quick visit to say good-bye one more time before Nan left. Shortly before 7:00 pm we were headed to the airport once again. On December 22nd there were a few tears shed but they were happy tears to see my mom again, this time they were sad tears, from both of us (because we are criers) and I hate saying good-bye.

We saw Mom safely through security, gave a last wave good-bye, watched her walk over to her boarding gate, grabbed a Tim Horton’s for the drive and headed home.

We have had a great 13 days, most of which I managed to have off from work so I could spend as much time as possible with my Mom who, by the way, I don’t get to see nearly often enough.

It’s been kind of a long day with the early morning start and it will be an even longer one for Mom by the time she gets to the Moncton airport around midnight, and then has an hours drive home after that.  Hopefully her flight goes well and she gets home safe and sound, and has a chance to sleep in tomorrow. I on the other hand will be going back to work tomorrow. 🙂




My Almost Last Day With My Mom Before She Goes Home

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It was back to work for my husband this morning but I’m still on vacation until Friday (should have taken Friday too).

I drove Chris to work so I could keep the car just in case my mom and I wanted to go anywhere… an indoor walk since it is so cold out today. Around 10:00 we decided a trip to the mall would be a good idea…..a walk and a shop combined. 🙂

Erika had to be at work by noon so I woke her to see if she wanted to go with us and her first answer was “No”, but then she realized that she still needed to get a secret Santa gift for her soccer party on Thursday so she quickly got ready to go too. Since it was already past 10:00am by the time we got to the Mall and Erika had to be to work by noon it didn’t give us that much time to shop….but how much time does one really need to find a good sale or two?

My new sale sweater. :)

My new sale sweater. 🙂

We all made or purchases…..(my new sweater that I didn’t really need….but it was on sale, so how could I pass it up?) and then went to McDonald’s to grab some lunch. We went through the drive thru, because I’m basically lazy and didn’t feel like getting back out of the car, and of course they had to park us to wait for our meals. While we were sitting there we noticed my son Nick across the street at the bus stop so we had a little text conversation with him while we waited. We finally got our food and had to rush now to get Erika to work on time. Once we dropped her off Mom and I took lunch to my husband Chris at his work, then home for a nap.

I decided to try a new chicken recipe that I found on Pinterest for dinner tonight. I wasn’t sure everyone would like it because of the spices so I made some plain and some spicy. While it was cooking I left Mom home to keep an eye on it while I went to pick up Chris and Erika from work. I was right about not everyone liking it. Erika and Chris were not fans of the spicy but Mom and I liked it just fine.

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Chicken

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Chicken

After dinner Chris and I walked to Starbucks for his “after-dinner coffee” and when we got back home our daughter Shana was there to say her good-byes to her Nan. I think she actually just used that as an excuse to come by for some food because when we walked in she had just finished warming up left over scalloped potatoes and ham, interestingly enough even though Erika had already eaten dinner with us, she also had a plate of left-overs. I really do believe our kids just come by to eat because our son Nick came over after he got off work at 8:00 pm and he finished off the scalloped potatoes and ham, the left over chicken, followed by the last piece of cheesecake. His reason for coming over was to say good-bye to his Nan as well.


Everyone besides me is making it an early night tonight because there is a big game to watch early in the morning. Team Canada plays at 4:00 am our time. Both boys will be coming by to watch the game with Chris…..dedicated hockey fans?…..maybe……but I doubt that Mom or I will be awake to see them at that hour in the morning. Good Luck Team Canada, I will wait to hear the results at a much more reasonable hour.

Happy New Year 2013

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A nice quiet peaceful morning to start the New Year.

New year pic for blog

I took the dogs out at 6:30am and then we all crawled back into bed for an extra little sleep. The dogs went back to sleep but as much as I usually have no trouble falling back to sleep, I was  still awake when my husband got out of bed around 8:00am….so much for the extra little sleep.  We got up and fed the dogs and then got busy. The carpets needed vacuumed….which they always do…… I had a raspberry cheesecake to make as well as the much requested gingerbread cookies that my husband wanted me to make for him.

Chubby little Gingerbread men.....created in their makers image. :)

Chubby little Gingerbread men…..created in their makers image. 🙂

Baking is not my favorite thing to do but I sometimes don’t mind it.

My husband and I decided to bake a ham and have potato scallop (scalloped potatoes for those of you who are reading this and going….what the heck is potato scallop?) for New Year’s dinner and invited his brother and sister-in-law to join us for dinner, along with my son Ryan and his girlfriend Whitney. This meal is one of our favorites and my husband is hard pressed to decide which he likes best, turkey dinner or this one…..I think I am more partial to the turkey but this is a great runner-up.

IMG_4732 (2)

Our dinner ham.

Once the baking was done and the ham was in the oven my mom decided it was only -5 degrees Celsius out so she wanted to go for a walk. I think she feels a bit like a shut-in since she has been here. We have had a little bit of snow lately which has made some of the sidewalks just a bit tricky to walk on in places, especially the spots where people haven’t bothered to shovel so I asked her to wait 5 minutes until I finished the dishes and I would go with her. I really didn’t want her to take a spill out there all by herself, and I could definitely use the exercise, plus I could take my camera with me and take a few pictures… first pictures of 2013.

IMG_4698 (2)

IMG_4700 (2)

IMG_4701 (2)

IMG_4702 (2)

IMG_4705 (2)

My mom walking along ahead of me while I’m snapping pictures

IMG_4706 (2)

IMG_4707 (2)

IMG_4708 (2)

IMG_4722 (2)

IMG_4712 (2)

Tonight’s dinner was great, and we had a really nice visit with family. A super way to start off the New Year.