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Poor Puppy

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We finally managed to get the time and money together to get Emma spayed. Poor Baby. 😦 This is a very expensive surgery in case you didn’t know.

Emma just turned 3 in January and we have had her since she was 7 months old, so she has gone into heat a few times over the past 2 and a half years. I have to admit living with a dog in heat is not my idea of a good time, but at least it eventually passes. Each time after Emma went into heat, she seemed to believe she was a Mama. All of her squeak toys became her puppies. If they squeaked she thought they were crying and she needed to comfort them. She would hide them around the house so Cody couldn’t find them and she would try to get them tucked underneath her so she could “feed” them. She also became the most cuddle-some pup ever, always snuggling with my husband and I while we watched TV, and sleeping right up between us in bed at night. That is what we will miss now.

Emma had her surgery yesterday morning and so we dropped her off at the Vet’s first thing before going to work. They said she had to stay overnight for observation so we wouldn’t be able to get her until the next morning.

The Vet told us we could call around noon to check on her and see how everything went so at 12:01 pm I closed my office door (people at my work have a habit of just walking into offices, I do it myself….) so I could make the call in private . They told me Emma did great, she was awake and looking good and everything went really well. I was happy to hear that but I was also a little concerned about how she was feeling emotionally (yes dogs have emotions too), so I asked if she was sad, there was a pause followed by, “Pardon me?” so I repeated my question, “Does she seem sad?” They assured me that she wasn’t sad, just very sleepy. 🙂 And them I’m sure they hung up the phone and discussed the crazy lady that just called them.

I know asking if she was sad sounds like a wingnut kind of question to ask but when you consider we took her to a place she didn’t know, left her with strangers, they put her to sleep and operated on her, she woke up feeling sore surrounded by strangers in a strange place and then was kept overnight in a crate she wasn’t used to and there were noises and people and other animals she wasn’t familiar with and she had no idea if her “People” were ever coming back for her……to me, that is sad.

First thing this morning, well right after we went out for breakfast….we had to do something to kill some time until the Vet’s office opened…., we went and got her back. She was pretty excited to see us and I don’t think she’s sad any more, but now she’s tired, sore and itchy, and is a cone head. Poor puppy. 😦

Cody wondering why Emma has the fancy hat on.

Cody wondering why Emma has the fancy hat on.


Emma wondering why she has to wear this ridiculous hat….it’s too heavy.


She almost looks happy here….she might be coming to terms with it.


It really is too heavy…..she’s falling over.


I think she’s asking why we would do this to her. 😦


Trying to scratch, but can’t.


Finally giving in and laying down.


Starting to fall asleep.


….and out. 🙂

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