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Just Some Fall Pics.

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Here are a few pictures I took while out walking today.

Beauty in my own backyard……..

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Reasons why I love where I live……I have the beauty of the country side and the convenience of city living……can’t beat it!!

These are pictures I took this morning while walking my dogs…..It’s amazing what you can see when you walk them in the daylight. 🙂

And one very happy, but dirty white dog from rolling around in all the nature. 🙂

Fall is here…….

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Fall is finally here :)…….It’s my favourite season by far……

Winter is too cold with too much snow…..

Summer is too hot and dry with too many bugs…….

Spring is too wet and dreary (and muddy back home)…….

But Fall is perfect……. 🙂

The reasons I love Fall:

The temperature is perfect, not too hot and not too cold……just like baby bears porridge…….it’s just right. I love my jeans and hoodies and haven’t worn them all summer. It’s been TOO HOT! It was definitely a shorts and tank top kind of summer. I love being able to walk the dogs at night and early morning without melting. I actually take longer walks….good for me and for them.

Fall is the “pretty” time of year. The leaves change colour before they drop off the trees signifying the coming of winter. The colours don’t stay long but they are beautiful while they last. My favourite is the bright red Maple leaves. Every fall I torture my kids by making them suffer through my “Fall Pics”. They pretended not to like it but they love fall pictures 😛 .  This year however, I don’t think I will be able to get them all together for the traditional pictures…..who will I photograph?

Fall pic from 2005

Thanksgiving is in the fall. I love Thanksgiving…’s the food holiday!! What’s not to love about Thanksgiving?…..It’s an excuse to over eat (not that I need one). We have a huge turkey with mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, squash, turnip (not for me but my husband likes it), and other veggies. Then there’s dessert. 🙂 Pumpkin and apple pie with whip cream or ice cream….or both, and raspberry cheesecake ….. mmmmmmmm, I can’t wait. I better get cracking on the weight loss over the next two weeks so I can put it all back on with that one meal.

Thanksgiving desserts

Halloween is in the fall, but it’s not something I enjoy very much. 😦 It’s like an opportunity for “older kids” to be greedy little candy hogs. They throw on a mask….or not and go house to house collecting as much candy as they can……..suckers for those guys. My mom used to create the greatest costumes for us when we were kids and while I’m not sure if she actually enjoyed making them and dressing us up, it sure seemed to me like she did. I, on the other hand, have gone to the trouble of making sure my kids had costumes every year to go “Trick or Treating” but it was never something I looked forward to. I don’t mind the pumpkin carving and I actually think the little kids that come to the house in their costumes are adorable as they hold out their little bags waiting for you to throw some candy in it but I’m really glad my kids are all past that stage now. Halloween is ok but not a reason I like fall.

Emma giving "Jack" a thorough inspection last Halloween

My birthday is in the fall. 🙂 Hmmmm, that may or may not be a reason to like fall. It does mean I have marked another year, and they seem to be passing quicker and quicker, but I do like presents……and cake and ice cream! The “BIG” one is coming up for me next year. 🙂 Also, two of my babies were born in the fall so that makes it special!!

My Birthday Cake 2010

Those are the reasons I love fall. If only Fall could last all year, life would be perfect!!