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A Beautiful Sunday Morning for a Walk

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Lately I have been a little lazy on the weekends about taking the dogs out walking. This morning I woke up at 6:00 am to the lovely sound of Emma trying to convince us it was time to go out. I took her to the backyard and fully intended to go right back to bed but the air was so nice and cool and they were calling for high temperatures of near 30 degrees today so I decided not to be so lazy and take the dogs for a proper walk while it was still fairly cool out.

It started out a little bit foggy in places but that didn’t last for long.

I thought it was kind of cool to see the rays of sun streaming through the trees.

We had a little friend sneaking up behind us…..I noticed the dogs kept looking back as we were walking along the path so I took a look myself and was fortunate enough to get a couple of pictures before our friend headed back into the woods.

The pond had some new babies this morning.

The pond may not look like much but I love listening the sounds that come from it early in the morning….the frogs, ducks, and birds…..makes me think of home. 🙂

Charlotte’s Web

I am glad I convinced myself to go out this morning. 🙂

Three Hours Later

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Three hours sure makes a difference. I normally walk the dogs at 5:30 in the morning but this morning we slept in…..sort of……(if you count being awake at 5:30 but staying in bed until much later)……and I didn’t take them walking until 8:30am. At 5:30 you can hear the birds singing but at 8:30 you can actually see the birds.

This bird looks vicious…’s hackles are up.

The geese that have been nesting in the pond have had their babies so as much as I was a little timid to walk past them with the dogs (they were blocking the pathway and we all know they will attack you, and I didn’t think I could outrun a crazed mama goose)……I also really, really, really wanted to get some pictures of them so we hung around the pond for some time hoping they would get off the path and back into the water so I could take some pictures and also so we could scurry past them and continue our walk without being chased.

Once I was over my fascination with the geese we continued our walk and I took some pictures of my babies…..Emma and Cody……and some random nature shots.

I am obviously fascinated by the red on these trees…..looks like Christmas!!

I also managed to take a couple of fun videos of the geese…’s a little shaky in places because I was holding the dogs leashes and they weren’t just sitting still while I was recording……yes I am totally blaming the dogs for the poor video quality. 🙂