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Things Happen

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Sometimes things happen that you just didn’t plan on… today for instance, I didn’t plan on leaving work to take my dog to the Vet but that’s how the day went.

I feel I should give a little history here to what led up to today’s Vet visit.

We have 2 dogs, beautiful Cody, our 8 year old Lab and sweet little Emma, our 2 year old Border Collie. Cody has always been a pretty easy to please pup when it came to feeding her and she was quite happy just to be fed. She didn’t even know there were other kinds of food out there to try until we brought her little sister home a year and a half ago. Emma seems to be under the impression that she is some kind of princess and is too good for the food gruel we were feeding Cody. We put a scoop of that food in her bowl and she sniffed it and then just looked at us as if to say, ” Are you kidding me? You don’t really expect me to eat that do you?” Well we did expect that, but she thought otherwise, she just stared at it and watched Cody gobble hers up like she had a screw loose. You could almost imagine her saying to Cody, “How can you eat that stuff? It’s not fit to feed to a dog!” and you could imagine Cody finishing hers and looking at Emma as if to say, “Well if you’re not going to eat that move on over and I will show you how it’s done.” Needless to say we have been through many different brands and flavours of food trying to find one that the little Princess would eat. We finally found a food that they both liked (of course Cody likes anything) as long as we mixed it with plain yogurt……yup we have a fussy little princess.

As much as Cody enjoyed eating this food we settled on it didn’t actually agree with her. Over the past few months she has become a weapon you could use in chemical warfare. Both dogs sleep in our room at night and when she passed gas it would wake us from a sound sleep gasping for air and jumping out of bed to get the windows open for some fresh air (that might be a little bit of an exageration but it was really bad). We thought she was actually trying to kill us some nights.

So last weekend we decided it was time to change her food again. After discussing her issues with the pet store owner we came away with a food that should help her with her gas issues. We actually know that changing a dogs food needs to be done gradually but we just wanted the rank smell to end so we switched her cold turkey.

Not to get too descriptive here, but ever since the switch her poo just got runnier and runnier. Last night we had her out 4 times to have a poo squirt….thank goodness she was able to wake us in time to get her out, but I think her butt was probably on fire. Today we closed her in the kitchen just in case there was an accident….or two…..and there was. My husband sent our daughter home to check on her a couple of hours after we all left for work and she had one of the worst experiences of her life. No details necessary but cleaning up was not fun, I am just glad it was her and not me that walked into it. At that point it was time to get her checked out, therefore a trip to the Vet today.

We made an appointment with a new Vet that recently opened up in our neighborhood. After addressing the runny poo issue Cody had a few more issues to deal with. She has eye infections due to the dry windy weather we have had and getting debris in her eyes, she has developed several lumps on her body which needed to be tested (turned out to be just lumps no worries), and she is over weight at 87.8 pounds.

Blood work, lump testing, drugs, new food and $320 poorer we have a much happier dog tonight. Here’s hoping we get through the night tonight with no incidents. 🙂

Final game……of the season……

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Soccer is over……sort of…….it’s never really over. 🙂

Sunday was Erika’s final soccer game of the season. Playing this game would change nothing for Erika’s team…….they still finished first in the league win or lose…….but it would be nice to end with a win. 🙂

The game was scheduled for 2pm in Windsor……three hours away. We decided to take Emma (our Border Collie) with us since it was going to be such a long day away from home.

We arrived at the field by 1pm, left Erika with her team mates and took Emma for a walk in the park. We were just crossing the road with her when a “Crazy City of Windsor” worker came racing out of the parking lot in his truck and nearly ran us over!! Honestly he did not even see us until the last minute. He pulled up next to the first soccer field and started yelling at a coach on the sidelines about the field not being booked. We didn’t give that too much thought until we got back to our field and found him talking to our team manager about our field being closed as well……Are you kidding ME?? What now?? We just drove 3 hours to play this final game only to find out that the City closed the field??? Unbelievable!!!

After much discussion the Windsor team came up with an alternative field to play the game. We got directions to the new field which was about 15 minutes away and headed off. Now our 2pm game wasn’t going to be played until 3pm… the earliest. So much for getting home early. 😦

While we were waiting for the refs to show up (which we found out later were originally scheduled for 4pm), and the game to finally get underway, Emma got to kill some time with a new friend……..a Golden Retriever pup named Tessa. She doesn’t get a lot of opportunity to play with other pups other than her sister so she was enjoying her play date.

Emma and Tessa greeting each other

Staring each other down


Once the game got started things just continued to go downhill. It was really hot and humid with little in the way of shade, and the girls were not the only ones who needed lots of water……

Getting a nice cool drink 🙂

The game was not “worth the drive to Windsor” Erika’s team lost 5-1…..not a pretty game at all.

"I don't think so Missy"


The corner kick

Fighting for the ball

Hit the dirt......

No time to nap...get up!!

Right after Alexis scored .... our lone goal.... 😦

So just to add insult to injury on this lovely day of soccer…….at least 3 of the parents vehicles were broken into while the game was being played. Smashed windows and missing electronics and yes even school books were taken. What a way to end the season……memorable for sure.

We have had some interesting, frustrating, eventful 🙂 trips to Windsor over the years for hockey and soccer games and I can’t actually recall any “good experiences” there (at least not for my family).

As I said soccer is never really over… it begins all over again with up-coming tryouts for next season…… 🙂


Cody…..then and now…..

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We got Cody in 2004 when she was just a couple of months old…..We were looking for a second pup as a companion to our Border Collie / Newfoundland mix Grizzly…..Grizzly was getting on in age and we didn’t want to “replace” him so we thought it would be a better idea to get another pup while he was still healthy.

We called the pet store in Cambridge to see what they had for puppies and they said they had some “Splashed Labs” for sale. I had no idea what a “Splashed Lab” was and the pet store girl tried to explain it to me over the phone but I couldn’t quite picture it, so the girls and Chris and I hopped in to the van and headed off to check out the puppies. If you ever go to a pet store to “look” at the puppies, be prepared to take one home with you……that’s what happened to us. 🙂

We got to the pet store and wandered over to where the puppies were. There were 3 “Splashed Labs” in the pen, two were quite small and plain black…..not that there’s anything wrong with that…. The one we were interested in was the bigger one with the brown markings on her legs and chest, her sisters were crawling all over each other and fighting like puppies do but the “marked” puppy just wandered over to us and sat down. Other people were looking at the puppies too and they were making comments about how the markings ruined her looks…..What?….She was beautiful…..what was wrong with these people? Just because she wasn’t perfect didn’t mean she wasn’t pretty. We just needed to get her out of there before anyone else insulted her…..Within the hour we walked back out of the pet store with our new addition to the family……Cody!!

Anyone who knows me and knows where I am from can figure out where her name came from…..that’s right…..she was named after my home! 🙂

Most of the time Cody thinks she’s a people and likes to sit in the furniture just like we do…….as in these 2 pictures:

Cody.....4 months old.....chillin' in her chair.....

Cody.....4 years old......chillin' in her chair.....

Cody is now 7 years old and getting her that day was one of the best decisions we ever made……she has eaten our furniture, chewed through entire phone books, been a houdini when we tried blocking her in the kitchen while we were at work, eaten shoes and boots (mostly mine), and has greeted us at the door after work everyday without fail. One couldn’t ask for a better friend!

Me and My Family….

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My family is my life.

I have been married to my wonderful husband for just over 10 years. I have 4 fabulous kids, 2 boys and 2 girls….26, 22, 19 and 16 who are the world to me. I have 2 great puppies….Cody, my 7 year old Splashed Lab and Emma, my 1 year old Border Collie mix.

My wonderful husband and me!!

I like to say what’s on my mind (one could call that venting), and tell stories about my family…and I like to reminisce (you know….say remember when….) so this will be a combination all of those things…..hope you enjoy!!

Life is full and I love it!!