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Vacation……last day

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Oh no…..where did the time go, today is my last day of vacation…..for this time around. I still have another 2 weeks to take but since my husband doesn’t get as much time off as I do, I will most likely be taking vacation time alone, that’s not nearly as much fun. 😦

This morning I got up around 6:00am to let the poochies out for their morning pee break, threw a load of laundry in the washer and as soon as it was finished and in the dryer, the pooches and I went back to bed….ah how I love vacation and sleeping in. We got up again around 9:30am only because I had to take Erika to work for 9:45 or there’s no telling how long I might have slept in. We had a change in air yesterday so we turned off the air conditioning last night and slept with the windows open. There’s nothing better than sleeping all snuggled in under the blankies with the cool air blowing on you, makes me look forward to Fall since this has been such a hot summer.

I probably should have taken the dogs out for their walk earlier than I did…..noon was a bit hot for them but we did a short walk and I snapped a few pictures along the way.



Vacation….Day 1

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This is day 1 of my second week of vacation for this year. My first week was in March and we took a trip to New Brunswick. This week we have no plans….I still have 2 more weeks to take but I haven’t decided when yet.

To start off my “no special plans” vacation week, I got up at 5:30 to take the dogs out, then got laundry started and drove my husband to work so I could keep the car, just in case I needed it. When I got back home I called the vet to make an appointment for our dog Emma for later this afternoon, then I had to trim her nails and give her a good brushing so the vet wouldn’t make me feel guilty about neglecting her grooming. Then it was time to take the dogs for a walk before it got too hot….it already was too hot, so I just took them for a short walk….2km, brought them home and then went walking on my own.

I did a 10km walk counting the 2km I did with the dogs and I took a few pics and some video of a deer in the woods…..While I was watching the deer there was a man on the trail who stood perfectly still while I was recording so he wouldn’t scare it away….that was very nice of him. 🙂

I love the shade of red in this picture.

I’m all about the red.

The winding path.

More burgundy than red, but still nice.

Bird on the swamp.

Clouds reflected on the swamp.

Hanging from the tree.

This chipmunk chased a squirrel out of the tree ….. and then kept a close eye on me.

More swamp.

This ugly creature tried to block my path, but I managed to get around him…..he was HUGE!


Kinda in the middle of no where.

I think this tree has seen better days.

A busy bee.

Caught the bee flying away.

Another busy bee.

I’ve wondered what these were.

A frog sunning himself in the swamp.

This guy might be trying to hide.

A prince perhaps?

Hard to catch these guys.

Very pretty.

Just hanging out.

Sitting pretty.

These birds are my favorite colour.

Amazing how light these birds are.

Hiding in the cat tails.

And last…. a little brown bird sitting in a tree.

A Walk Without the Dogs

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Today is a little cooler than it has been lately, but still pretty warm out there, so I took the dogs for a short walk and then took myself and my camera for a much longer walk…..6.62 km altogether. It was a nice sunny morning for taking pictures.

I finally figured out why I could never see the frogs, but I could hear them….they are the same colour as the sludge.

Red Wing Black Bird

There is a bee there.

Poor bunny, trying to blend in with the rock so I wouldn’t see him/her.

Another bee….

Just waiting for someone to take a seat.

Little Ladybug

Brown Eyed Susan

Another lonely bench.

Chicory with a little green friend.

St. John’s Wort

Bladder Campion……they have seen better days.


Sunday Morning of the Victoria Day Weekend

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It’s Sunday on the Victoria Day long weekend and I have been up since 6:30am….Why? Because it is going to be 30 degrees celsius today so if the dogs were going to get walked it had to be early.
I’m not really a morning person but I do have to admit I enjoy the peace and quietness of my early morning walks….especially on a Sunday morning of a long weekend when everyone in the neighborhood is either away or still sleeping, so it’s just us out there.
I was once asked what I like to do to relax and de-stress….I know people think a nice bubble bath is relaxing but not for me, I spend that time thinking about what else I should be doing, like laundry, dishes, vacuuming, cleaning, so that’s not relaxing at all, or I relax to the point that I start to fall asleep and while I’m pretty sure falling asleep in the bath tub is relaxing to the extreme, I’m sure it’s not a wise idea. My answer to what I do to relax and de-stress is to walk the dogs and take pictures along the way. I don’t feel guilty about not doing housework when I’m out with the dogs because it is something that also needs to be done so I just walk along, just me and my pups enjoying the fresh air and the quiet sounds of the morning and give no thought at all to what else there is to do.

This morning the only sign of wildlife we saw was a lone deer munching on the shrubs in someone’s backyard but it sauntered off into the woods before I could get a picture of it… shy I guess.

At least the plants and trees can’t take off when I pull out my camera, they pose nicely for me.

Happy Victoria Day Weekend!!!

Three Hours Later

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Three hours sure makes a difference. I normally walk the dogs at 5:30 in the morning but this morning we slept in…..sort of……(if you count being awake at 5:30 but staying in bed until much later)……and I didn’t take them walking until 8:30am. At 5:30 you can hear the birds singing but at 8:30 you can actually see the birds.

This bird looks vicious…’s hackles are up.

The geese that have been nesting in the pond have had their babies so as much as I was a little timid to walk past them with the dogs (they were blocking the pathway and we all know they will attack you, and I didn’t think I could outrun a crazed mama goose)……I also really, really, really wanted to get some pictures of them so we hung around the pond for some time hoping they would get off the path and back into the water so I could take some pictures and also so we could scurry past them and continue our walk without being chased.

Once I was over my fascination with the geese we continued our walk and I took some pictures of my babies…..Emma and Cody……and some random nature shots.

I am obviously fascinated by the red on these trees…..looks like Christmas!!

I also managed to take a couple of fun videos of the geese…’s a little shaky in places because I was holding the dogs leashes and they weren’t just sitting still while I was recording……yes I am totally blaming the dogs for the poor video quality. 🙂

A Great Day for a Walk

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Another beautiful warm sunny day…..perfect for a long walk along the trails with little Emma and……my new camera. This is really my first opportunity to try it out and play around with some different settings. Not all my pictures turned out as good as I hoped but they’re not bad.

Battle Between The Sun and The Snow

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I think the sun is going to win over the snow. Looks like most of the snow we got yesterday is just barely hanging on in the sunshine today.

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