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Final game……of the season……

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Soccer is over……sort of…….it’s never really over. 🙂

Sunday was Erika’s final soccer game of the season. Playing this game would change nothing for Erika’s team…….they still finished first in the league win or lose…….but it would be nice to end with a win. 🙂

The game was scheduled for 2pm in Windsor……three hours away. We decided to take Emma (our Border Collie) with us since it was going to be such a long day away from home.

We arrived at the field by 1pm, left Erika with her team mates and took Emma for a walk in the park. We were just crossing the road with her when a “Crazy City of Windsor” worker came racing out of the parking lot in his truck and nearly ran us over!! Honestly he did not even see us until the last minute. He pulled up next to the first soccer field and started yelling at a coach on the sidelines about the field not being booked. We didn’t give that too much thought until we got back to our field and found him talking to our team manager about our field being closed as well……Are you kidding ME?? What now?? We just drove 3 hours to play this final game only to find out that the City closed the field??? Unbelievable!!!

After much discussion the Windsor team came up with an alternative field to play the game. We got directions to the new field which was about 15 minutes away and headed off. Now our 2pm game wasn’t going to be played until 3pm… the earliest. So much for getting home early. 😦

While we were waiting for the refs to show up (which we found out later were originally scheduled for 4pm), and the game to finally get underway, Emma got to kill some time with a new friend……..a Golden Retriever pup named Tessa. She doesn’t get a lot of opportunity to play with other pups other than her sister so she was enjoying her play date.

Emma and Tessa greeting each other

Staring each other down


Once the game got started things just continued to go downhill. It was really hot and humid with little in the way of shade, and the girls were not the only ones who needed lots of water……

Getting a nice cool drink 🙂

The game was not “worth the drive to Windsor” Erika’s team lost 5-1…..not a pretty game at all.

"I don't think so Missy"


The corner kick

Fighting for the ball

Hit the dirt......

No time to nap...get up!!

Right after Alexis scored .... our lone goal.... 😦

So just to add insult to injury on this lovely day of soccer…….at least 3 of the parents vehicles were broken into while the game was being played. Smashed windows and missing electronics and yes even school books were taken. What a way to end the season……memorable for sure.

We have had some interesting, frustrating, eventful 🙂 trips to Windsor over the years for hockey and soccer games and I can’t actually recall any “good experiences” there (at least not for my family).

As I said soccer is never really over… it begins all over again with up-coming tryouts for next season…… 🙂