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Happy New Year 2013

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A nice quiet peaceful morning to start the New Year.

New year pic for blog

I took the dogs out at 6:30am and then we all crawled back into bed for an extra little sleep. The dogs went back to sleep but as much as I usually have no trouble falling back to sleep, I was  still awake when my husband got out of bed around 8:00am….so much for the extra little sleep.  We got up and fed the dogs and then got busy. The carpets needed vacuumed….which they always do…… I had a raspberry cheesecake to make as well as the much requested gingerbread cookies that my husband wanted me to make for him.

Chubby little Gingerbread men.....created in their makers image. :)

Chubby little Gingerbread men…..created in their makers image. 🙂

Baking is not my favorite thing to do but I sometimes don’t mind it.

My husband and I decided to bake a ham and have potato scallop (scalloped potatoes for those of you who are reading this and going….what the heck is potato scallop?) for New Year’s dinner and invited his brother and sister-in-law to join us for dinner, along with my son Ryan and his girlfriend Whitney. This meal is one of our favorites and my husband is hard pressed to decide which he likes best, turkey dinner or this one…..I think I am more partial to the turkey but this is a great runner-up.

IMG_4732 (2)

Our dinner ham.

Once the baking was done and the ham was in the oven my mom decided it was only -5 degrees Celsius out so she wanted to go for a walk. I think she feels a bit like a shut-in since she has been here. We have had a little bit of snow lately which has made some of the sidewalks just a bit tricky to walk on in places, especially the spots where people haven’t bothered to shovel so I asked her to wait 5 minutes until I finished the dishes and I would go with her. I really didn’t want her to take a spill out there all by herself, and I could definitely use the exercise, plus I could take my camera with me and take a few pictures… first pictures of 2013.

IMG_4698 (2)

IMG_4700 (2)

IMG_4701 (2)

IMG_4702 (2)

IMG_4705 (2)

My mom walking along ahead of me while I’m snapping pictures

IMG_4706 (2)

IMG_4707 (2)

IMG_4708 (2)

IMG_4722 (2)

IMG_4712 (2)

Tonight’s dinner was great, and we had a really nice visit with family. A super way to start off the New Year.

My Dad’s Birthday…….

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Yesterday was my dad’s 76th birthday!!

Since I was home all day I tried calling him a couple of times to wish him a happy birthday but he was out running the roads so it was after supper before I got a hold of him. My dad is very hard of hearing as I may have mentioned before so you kind of have to shout at him to get him to hear what you’re saying. I always think I sound mean when I’m yelling at him. When my dad got to the phone I wished him a happy birthday and he of course asked who was calling. I told him it was his daughter and he assumed I was my sister…..he had a 50/50 chance to get it right and did so on his second guess. 🙂

We had a nice little chat and he said the family took him out for a birthday meal. I asked him if he had cake but he said he was too full for cake so no birthday cake for him.

After we said our good-byes I spoke with my mom and told her the most notable thing about our conversation, besides the shouting into the phone, was how much my dad sounds just like my grandfather.  I think he has more of my grandmothers looks but today I decided that he sounds just like his dad did. I think this is something that recently developed because I have to say I hadn’t noticed it before.

My Dad......taken in August 2010. His most recent visit.

I hope to see my dad (and my mom) in the somewhat near future. I sometimes miss not living within easy travel distance so I can visit whenever I want. 😦

Happy Birthday yesterday Dad!!!

Christmas…..Come and Gone……

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Another Christmas has come and gone…..

My son Nick came home on Friday to spend Christmas with us and will be staying until Monday. We picked him up at the bus station around supper time, grabbed a bite to eat and then waited for Erika to get off work and go pick her up.

Christmas Eve was busy but it was the first one in a while that I didn’t work…..I did pop into work to see how everyone was doing and it wasn’t nearly as busy as I thought it would be……which was good and bad. Erika had to work until 5pm and her store wasn’t too busy either.

My husband and I spent the day getting last minute odds and ends at the grocery store, doing our traditional gift wrapping at his work, getting the car washed, walking the dogs, searching the city for an onion (after the stores were all closed), ending up borrowing one from my husband’s brother and his wife which resulted in having an unplanned but great Christmas Eve visit with them and their puppies. After our visit we came home and I cut my husbands hair, (and tried to fix mine from the haircut I had gotten earlier in the day)…….and then we waited for Santa.

The kids watched “Elf” while waiting…..

Shana and Erika snuggled up on one couch……Emma watched a bit with them, and Nick had the love seat.

Waiting for Santa used to be much easier when the kids went to bed before I did, now I’m in bed long before they are. I know they all “know about Santa” but I still didn’t want them to see their filled stockings before morning, I’m weird like that. The great thing about going to bed before the kids is I also wake up before them……mostly due to the dogs wanting out, but I’m still awake first so stockings got filled at 4:30 this morning. I did manage to go back to bed for a little while.

The first one up this morning……besides me……was Nick. Some things never change. It was killing him to have to wait for the girls to wake up to start opening presents. He also had to sit through them opening everything in their stockings before any presents could be opened (everything in their stockings gets wrapped, so it can be a bit time consuming). Emma was a little bored waiting too.

Erika finally got up around 8:30 am followed by Shana shortly afterwards.

Present time…..much to Nick’s delight.

My son Ryan and his girlfriend Whitney came over in the afternoon and we opened more presents.

Our turkey seemed to take forever to cook but it was worth the wait……best tasting turkey and stuffing we have ever had……just my own humble opinion. We chased it down with raspberry cheese cake…….mmmmmm.

After a scrumptious dinner Nick and Shana went out to visit friends of theirs……not the same friends, Ryan and Whitney went home shortly after 7pm and poor Erika is just waiting for us to go to bed so she can play her new Sims game on the Xbox.


Having all of my family home for Christmas is what I enjoyed most about today, the food and the presents were nice but my husband and kids are what make it special for me……..just 365 more days now until next Christmas!! 🙂