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Some Signs of Spring Along The Way

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The weather is starting to warm up a bit, time to get out there and walk. It even looks a bit like spring now, the pond is starting to thaw, the snow is melting and it’s muddy out there.































Beautiful Kelso Conservation Area

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What a great day for a hike… but the scenery was beautiful.

I think we will do this hike again in the fall when the leaves are changing and there are not so many flies. 🙂

A Walk Without the Dogs

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Today is a little cooler than it has been lately, but still pretty warm out there, so I took the dogs for a short walk and then took myself and my camera for a much longer walk…..6.62 km altogether. It was a nice sunny morning for taking pictures.

I finally figured out why I could never see the frogs, but I could hear them….they are the same colour as the sludge.

Red Wing Black Bird

There is a bee there.

Poor bunny, trying to blend in with the rock so I wouldn’t see him/her.

Another bee….

Just waiting for someone to take a seat.

Little Ladybug

Brown Eyed Susan

Another lonely bench.

Chicory with a little green friend.

St. John’s Wort

Bladder Campion……they have seen better days.


A Perfectly Beautiful Saturday Morning

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What a beautiful, beautiful Saturday morning….not too hot, not too cold…..nothing to do but relax. Ok, so I guess I could do some housework, but why would I want to ruin a perfect day doing that?

After an early morning walk with the dogs, my husband and I went for our Saturday morning breakfast and then took an impromptu walk along the river to work off some of those breakfast calories and enjoy the beautiful day.

Of course what is the point in walking off all those breakfast calories if you’re not going to add some more…..we had peanut butter chocolate ice cream cones from the Boat House, what a way to end a perfect morning walk. 🙂

Three Hours Later

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Three hours sure makes a difference. I normally walk the dogs at 5:30 in the morning but this morning we slept in…..sort of……(if you count being awake at 5:30 but staying in bed until much later)……and I didn’t take them walking until 8:30am. At 5:30 you can hear the birds singing but at 8:30 you can actually see the birds.

This bird looks vicious…’s hackles are up.

The geese that have been nesting in the pond have had their babies so as much as I was a little timid to walk past them with the dogs (they were blocking the pathway and we all know they will attack you, and I didn’t think I could outrun a crazed mama goose)……I also really, really, really wanted to get some pictures of them so we hung around the pond for some time hoping they would get off the path and back into the water so I could take some pictures and also so we could scurry past them and continue our walk without being chased.

Once I was over my fascination with the geese we continued our walk and I took some pictures of my babies…..Emma and Cody……and some random nature shots.

I am obviously fascinated by the red on these trees…..looks like Christmas!!

I also managed to take a couple of fun videos of the geese…’s a little shaky in places because I was holding the dogs leashes and they weren’t just sitting still while I was recording……yes I am totally blaming the dogs for the poor video quality. 🙂

A Walk With the Dogs

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It was a sunny but chilly evening for a walk with the dogs. I had a great time taking pictures along the way. I love that it’s still light out by the time I get around to taking the dogs out after work.

Emma didn’t even seem to care that much when we saw the rabbits.

And We Have Winter Again……

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Winter seems to come and go over and over this year so I took some more shots to prove we had some winter….even if it only stays around for a few days.

The puppies enjoyed playing in the snow too…..they like winter! 🙂