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It’s Saturday, What Do I Do?

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As many of you may or may not know, and just as many of you may or may not care….I no longer have any children playing in minor sports. Since my youngest daughter’s last minor sport event a few months ago, I have struggled with what to do to fill that gap.

For many, many years my husband and I have spent endless Saturdays at arenas for our children’s hockey practices and games, at soccer fields and gymnasiums for soccer practices and games, at baseball fields for t-ball and baseball practices and games and at parks and schools for track and field events and cross-country  practices and races, and now those days are over.

For years I knew what I would be doing on Saturdays and now I am faced with the problem of what to do with myself. I do have a few hobbies  which I enjoy  so I have filled my time with those, hiking, photography, knitting. I haven’t done any scrap-booking for a while but I have thought about getting back to that. And of course I can pretty much fill up a good chunk of time with my Candy Crush addiction, but what did I do on Saturdays before I had children in sports? What does everyone else do on Saturdays?

I have often heard co-workers talk about this thing called housework that they do on Saturdays, but I never paid too much attention to that in the past because I just didn’t feel I had time for that kind of thing and it honestly didn’t sound all that appealing to me…..then this morning, it hit me, that’s what I need to do on Saturdays!!

I decided to ease into this new  project of mine slowly, you know, not take on too much at once, so I started with vacuuming (something that I actually do regularly out of necessity with 2 dogs in the house), but I just nicely got started when I felt compelled to take a break from it to video Emma demonstrating her love for wet towels.


That’s right, the housework got put on hold while Emma mauled what she see’s as her property and I watched. I’m not sure yet how I feel about housework on Saturday’s but I guess I will eventually get used to it, and may even do more than vacuum, which by the way I did finish this morning.

P.S. If you watched the video, that noise you can hear in the background is my husband cleaning up in the kitchen….I’m told that’s a form of housework as well. 🙂 (Don’t worry about the big crash, no one was hurt).



Rabbits and Deer

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I think it’s time to name the trail “Bunny Trail” with Peter Cottontail. Every morning when I walk this trail it seems there are even more rabbits than the day before. They are cute and all, but it is hard to keep the dogs moving forward with all the tempting rabbit chasing there is. This morning it wasn’t just the rabbits that had the dogs wound up, the deer were somewhat of a distraction too.

After I took the dogs home I went back out with my camera to try to capture some of the wildlife…..and plant life (the plant life is obviously much easier to capture).

Who knew such a mean plant could be so pretty….?

Bunny Ears 🙂

He thinks I can’t see him because he is sitting so still…..

This bird did not appreciate me taking it’s picture….tried to chase me away.

Pretty nice of this rabbit to sit and pose for me and even nicer of the jogger behind me to stop running while I took this picture….thank you random jogger guy. 🙂

Eating breakfast but keeping an eye on me at the same time.




Beauty in my own backyard……..

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Reasons why I love where I live……I have the beauty of the country side and the convenience of city living……can’t beat it!!

These are pictures I took this morning while walking my dogs…..It’s amazing what you can see when you walk them in the daylight. 🙂

And one very happy, but dirty white dog from rolling around in all the nature. 🙂

Early Morning….

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So……an early start to today’s activities…..

Little Em decided that 4:30 this morning was a good time to begin her day….I was not in agreement by any means but as she sat at my bedroom door, whining…..actually she makes a sound more like a donkey than a whine, however,…. I decided I had better get up and let her out to take care of her business since the alternative would not have been pleasant.

It takes approximately 5 minutes tops to walk downstairs, open the patio door and let Em out to do what needs to be done, come back in, get a drink and walk back upstairs to bed. Should have been no big deal right?…..wrong….. Em gets all settled back in her little bed rolls over on her back and is off to dream land. I on the other hand crawl back into bed and lay there staring at the ceiling listening to both dogs and my husband breathing….breathing is a good thing….it was that deep even breathing that meant everyone was sleeping……everyone but me. I lay there thinking things, stupid things, funny things, work things, bill paying things and so on.

My alarm clock shows the time on the ceiling so I watched the time creep forward and finally the alarm buzzed letting me know NOW it’s time to get up and start the day…yeah!! 🙂

I can’t be too upset though, because she is just so darn cute and adorable that she makes it worth losing sleep….I guess.

Little Em...looking all cute and adorable.

I love my life…..