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It’s Saturday, What Do I Do?

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As many of you may or may not know, and just as many of you may or may not care….I no longer have any children playing in minor sports. Since my youngest daughter’s last minor sport event a few months ago, I have struggled with what to do to fill that gap.

For many, many years my husband and I have spent endless Saturdays at arenas for our children’s hockey practices and games, at soccer fields and gymnasiums for soccer practices and games, at baseball fields for t-ball and baseball practices and games and at parks and schools for track and field events and cross-country  practices and races, and now those days are over.

For years I knew what I would be doing on Saturdays and now I am faced with the problem of what to do with myself. I do have a few hobbies  which I enjoy  so I have filled my time with those, hiking, photography, knitting. I haven’t done any scrap-booking for a while but I have thought about getting back to that. And of course I can pretty much fill up a good chunk of time with my Candy Crush addiction, but what did I do on Saturdays before I had children in sports? What does everyone else do on Saturdays?

I have often heard co-workers talk about this thing called housework that they do on Saturdays, but I never paid too much attention to that in the past because I just didn’t feel I had time for that kind of thing and it honestly didn’t sound all that appealing to me…..then this morning, it hit me, that’s what I need to do on Saturdays!!

I decided to ease into this new  project of mine slowly, you know, not take on too much at once, so I started with vacuuming (something that I actually do regularly out of necessity with 2 dogs in the house), but I just nicely got started when I felt compelled to take a break from it to video Emma demonstrating her love for wet towels.


That’s right, the housework got put on hold while Emma mauled what she see’s as her property and I watched. I’m not sure yet how I feel about housework on Saturday’s but I guess I will eventually get used to it, and may even do more than vacuum, which by the way I did finish this morning.

P.S. If you watched the video, that noise you can hear in the background is my husband cleaning up in the kitchen….I’m told that’s a form of housework as well. 🙂 (Don’t worry about the big crash, no one was hurt).



Walk or Hike

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My husband and I have been enjoying our weekend trail walks, it’s nice to spend some time together without kids or dogs every once in a while.

We had such a great walk on Saturday we decided to find a different trail and do another walk on Sunday, so we hopped in the car and drove off to find a new trail to explore…..we found Starkey Hill.

Starkey Hill reminded me of back home, not just because of the name but it was a hilly hike through the woods, much like where I grew up and spent a good part of my adult life.

Who knew the name would be so accurate, Starkey hill is definitely a hill. The hike was great, quite the workout but we weren’t really prepared for this type of walk.  First of all it was through the woods on a dampish day….mosquito heaven. Secondly it was quite the climb and hot….no water with us. Thirdly and maybe most important, I didn’t have the correct footwear…..that’s right, I was wearing my flip-flops. My flip-flops are perfect footwear for walking on nice flat terrain but not so much for up and down hills on a trail through the woods where tree roots are sticking up all over the place. I know that because the end of my flip-flop got caught on a tree root and….you guessed it….down I went. It wouldn’t have been so bad but of course there was another couple a little ways ahead of us walking their dogs so when I fell the earth must have shaken because they quickly turned around to see what happened….embarrassing! Well I popped up quickly, brushed myself off and tried to pretend nothing had happened…but there were 3 witnesses and much knee scraping so I can’t deny my klutziness.

I did manage to take a few pictures even though my husband kept trying to hurry me along because every time we stopped we were mosquito bait.






Other than those 3 minor issues the walk hike was great, but I think we will save doing that particular trail again for the fall when it’s not as hot and there are less bugs feasting on us. Hopefully we will find an easier trail next weekend. 🙂

Before the great fall!!


A Beautiful Sunday…..

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What a beautiful day!!

Last Sunday we were sitting in the freezing cold rain, huddled together to try to stay warm,  watching a University soccer game and this Sunday was nice and warm and sunny….October weather sure can change from one week to the next!!

My husband and I missed our breakfast date yesterday because I was working 😦 so this morning we got up and went for our Saturday morning breakfast…..a day late.

After breakfast we had time to kill while waiting for stores to open……this being Sunday, not Saturday……so we decided to go for a walk along one of the many trails in the area. Luckily, I had my trusty little camera with me (as I usually do) so I could take a few pictures along the way. I feel very blessed to live in a city that is just as beautiful as my home town village community. 🙂

Today was such a beautiful sunny fall day……one of the last few we will no doubt have before the snow falls.

I’m so glad it’s Friday…..

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Friday seems to be the day of the week I look forward to the most….even more than Saturday and Sunday. I like Saturday and Sunday, but Friday is my fave….

Friday is still a work day but it just seems that everyone is more relaxed….maybe it’s because we all know that in 8 hours (or less, depending on the circumstances) we all get to leave our desks and start our 2 day reprieve from the grind….so to speak.

I seem to accomplish more on Fridays than I do any other day of the week…..I think it’s because I work best under pressure and by Friday the pressure is on to get everything caught up that I might have been slacking on all week.  I like to tell people that the shredder is my best friend on Fridays…..anything still sitting on my in-box by Friday afternoon goes directly to the shredder so I can start fresh on Monday morning. (I don’t actually do that by the way.)

Only Robinson Crusoe had everything done by Friday.  ~Author Unknown


From the time I get out of bed on Friday morning I start thinking about how happy I am that Friday is finally here and I can start thinking about the weekend. Nothing spectacular has to be happening on the weekend to make me look forward to it. I still get up early and I still have work to do on weekends but it’s all about my schedule (and my kids, and dogs and husbands schedule) not my work schedule. If I want to sit around in my p.j.’s all morning I can, if I don’t want to start laundry until later, that’s fine too….if I decide I don’t want to do any housework at all, again that’s fine….at least it’s fine right up until I notice how messy things are and wish I had done some work earlier. However I can be totally lazy on the weekend if I want to be.

I basically love Friday because it’s that day that bridges the work week and the weekend. No matter how hectic my Friday might be at work I love it because I know at the end of the day I can put my work aside for two days and do what I want or do nothing if that’s what I want.

Friday’s make me smile.