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My Almost Last Day With My Mom Before She Goes Home

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It was back to work for my husband this morning but I’m still on vacation until Friday (should have taken Friday too).

I drove Chris to work so I could keep the car just in case my mom and I wanted to go anywhere… an indoor walk since it is so cold out today. Around 10:00 we decided a trip to the mall would be a good idea…..a walk and a shop combined. 🙂

Erika had to be at work by noon so I woke her to see if she wanted to go with us and her first answer was “No”, but then she realized that she still needed to get a secret Santa gift for her soccer party on Thursday so she quickly got ready to go too. Since it was already past 10:00am by the time we got to the Mall and Erika had to be to work by noon it didn’t give us that much time to shop….but how much time does one really need to find a good sale or two?

My new sale sweater. :)

My new sale sweater. 🙂

We all made or purchases…..(my new sweater that I didn’t really need….but it was on sale, so how could I pass it up?) and then went to McDonald’s to grab some lunch. We went through the drive thru, because I’m basically lazy and didn’t feel like getting back out of the car, and of course they had to park us to wait for our meals. While we were sitting there we noticed my son Nick across the street at the bus stop so we had a little text conversation with him while we waited. We finally got our food and had to rush now to get Erika to work on time. Once we dropped her off Mom and I took lunch to my husband Chris at his work, then home for a nap.

I decided to try a new chicken recipe that I found on Pinterest for dinner tonight. I wasn’t sure everyone would like it because of the spices so I made some plain and some spicy. While it was cooking I left Mom home to keep an eye on it while I went to pick up Chris and Erika from work. I was right about not everyone liking it. Erika and Chris were not fans of the spicy but Mom and I liked it just fine.

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Chicken

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Chicken

After dinner Chris and I walked to Starbucks for his “after-dinner coffee” and when we got back home our daughter Shana was there to say her good-byes to her Nan. I think she actually just used that as an excuse to come by for some food because when we walked in she had just finished warming up left over scalloped potatoes and ham, interestingly enough even though Erika had already eaten dinner with us, she also had a plate of left-overs. I really do believe our kids just come by to eat because our son Nick came over after he got off work at 8:00 pm and he finished off the scalloped potatoes and ham, the left over chicken, followed by the last piece of cheesecake. His reason for coming over was to say good-bye to his Nan as well.


Everyone besides me is making it an early night tonight because there is a big game to watch early in the morning. Team Canada plays at 4:00 am our time. Both boys will be coming by to watch the game with Chris…..dedicated hockey fans?…..maybe……but I doubt that Mom or I will be awake to see them at that hour in the morning. Good Luck Team Canada, I will wait to hear the results at a much more reasonable hour.

No-Bake Baking Day

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I feel like I accomplished so much today!

I got to sleep in….sort of…..until 7:00 am, when the pups decided they had waited long enough and wanted to go out. Puppy paws in the face can be very helpful in convincing you to drag your butt out of bed and let them out. I think they thought we were up for the day but I was not quite ready for that.  As soon as she came in Cody stood at her dish looking from it to me, back to her dish, then to me hoping I would take the hint and give her some breakfast and I’m sure she was very disappointed when I looked  at her and said, “Bedtime, let’s go,” and back to bed we went. About an hour later we actually got up for the day, this time I fed the poor starving pups.

My husband and I did our usual Saturday morning breakfast out, and feeling very ambitious, we decided to walk to the restaurant. Breakfast was delicious and full of calories (which is what makes it so delicious), so it’s a good thing we walked there and back in an attempt to burn off one or two of those yummy calories.

After breakfast I had to pop in to work for a bit and while we were there we grabbed a couple of Christmas gifts that I had stored in my office and brought them home to move them to our other secret storage place….which is not in our house, with the snoopers in it. Oh wait, there is only one kid living here now so it would be just one snooper we are hiding things from.

On the way home we stopped at the grocery store to pick up the ingredients I needed to do a little Christmas baking. I  usually do my baking at the Zehrs bakery because I don’t seem to find the time to do it myself, since I generally end up spending so much time at work this time of year, but I really wanted to make something myself just to say I baked. I say it was baking, but there really wasn’t much actual baking involved.

I managed to get a large batch of Peanut Butter Balls made… oven involved there, just the stove top and freezer.

My Peanut Butter Balls

My Peanut Butter Balls

I made a batch of what I call “Frogs” other people call them things like Haystack cookies, but it doesn’t really matter what you call them….they are yummerific, but again, no oven needed,  just the stove top.

My Frogs....or whatever you want to call them....delicious will do.

My Frogs….or whatever you want to call them….delicious will do.

The only thing I used the oven for was to make the Holiday Pretzel Treats….and that was for a whopping 6 minutes….long enough to soften the Hershey kisses so I could smoosh the M&M into it.

Holiday Pretzel Pinterest Recipe.

Holiday Pretzel Treats….my Pinterest Recipe.

So I guess it was more of a no-bake bake day but I still feel like I accomplished much in the baking department. Maybe I will get to shortbread and sugar cookies next Saturday but not likely. My mom arrives from N.B. that day (which by the way we are all very excited about) so I may not feel like being very productive and I just might want to visit. 🙂

After my long hard day of baking no-baking, my husband and I went to see a movie at the brand new theatre that just opened this weekend near our house. We watched Skyfall and we were quite surprised at how busy it was since the movie has been out for a while now. We wondered if that many people really wanted to watch the movie or just wanted to go to the new theatre. We wanted to do both, watch the movie and see the new theatre.


I have to say I really enjoyed the movie, it is my favorite James Bond movie now. I liked everything about it including the sound track. I must admit I feel a special “Bond” with  James  since we are both 50 this year.


It was a great day and now I need to call it a day and hit the hay. Good night all!!

Happy Valentines Day!

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I think you either “love” Valentine’s Day or you “hate” it. If you have a significant other you probably are in the “love” camp, if you don’t you might be in the “hate” camp.

I actually don’t think much about it at all…..but it is entertaining to watch the male shoppers walking around the mall with stuffed animals, balloons and bouquets of flowers for their significant others.

Yesterday we were discussing who in the office would likely get flowers today at work and we concluded that only my boss would get them since she is the most recently married……we were wrong. Three of us got flowers, my boss, our admin assistant and ME!!

My husband bought me a mini rose plant……no dead flowers for me.

My mini rose plant

I only hope I can keep them alive in my cold office.

I’m Soooo Excited……

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This won’t seem like much to anyone but me……and it obviously doesn’t take that much to excite me……BUT I FINALLY HAVE FLOWERS on my Four O’Clocks!!! 🙂

Four o’clock flowers are also known as mirabilis jalapa……however, that is not overly important……what is important is that mine finally have started to flower!!

The four o’clock flowers come in a variety of plain, streaked and marbled colors. They are referred to as four o’clock flowers because they open up in the afternoon and close back up in the morning. I love the look and the smell of this flower. I always had them planted at my old house and this year I decided to plant them again……but not until late in the season…….almost too late. These seeds took forever to pop out of the ground, and I’m sure it didn’t help that because of my well-known “impatience” I dug the seeds up a few times just to see if they were ever going to sprout.

Finally starting to sprout on June 28, 2011

Every time I step out my front door I check my plants for flowers. I told my husband the other day that I thought they would flower just in time for the snow to bury them…… 😦  My husband doesn’t really care that much because he thinks I pay more attention to my plants then I do to him……totally not the case.

This morning I took a picture of my four o’clocks as we headed out to soccer…….I was pretty sure they were close to opening, but hadn’t yet……

My four o'clocks this morning September 10, 2011

Looking like the yellow ones might bloom soon.....

……..tonight when we got home I got my surprise…..ONE LONE YELLOW FLOWER!!!! I’M SOOOO EXCITED!!!

So lone yellow flower 🙂

The flower is open!! 🙂

The package of seeds said they were yellow, pink and blue so I will have to wait and see if any other colours blossom before winter. 🙂

This is what the flowers look like fully pretty.....yellow was the first to bloom and yellow is my favourite colour. 🙂