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Disney Tournament

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My daughter Erika has been in Florida with her soccer team for the past 6 days for the Disney Memorial Day Soccer Shootout. This was a trip that her dad and I were not able to go on so I had to be satisfied with watching the game results on-line to find out how they were doing. According to the score sheets below you can look at it 2 ways….either Erika’s team was really, really good (I’m sure that’s the correct choice), or the other teams were really bad.

In case it is not known to some of you who might read this…I am a picture person… that I don’t mean that everything in my life has to look like it’s perfect, because that is not the case. I mean that I just like to take pictures of everything and then post them for everyone to see whether they want to or not. My husband thinks I am obsessed with taking pictures and he may be a little bit right…but can you really have too many pictures of your daughter playing soccer that all look exactly the same? I think not!

So my biggest problem with not being there for this soccer tournament was not only not being able to take any pictures but also not being able to see any pictures anyone else was taking….no one posted any while they were gone! With my compulsive picture-taking ways I would have totally had pictures up practically as soon as they were taken!!

Now that everyone is back home pictures are starting to appear and now I can start my photo pilfering….as I have done with the two photos below. 🙂

Erika, Meredith, Sydney and Makayla wearing their medals and holding their Disney Trophy….. and also looks like an ice pack or two or three.

The Trophy with Erika, Meghan, Shelby, Dana, Aubrey and Victoria.

Erika arrived back in Canada last night and spent the night at her teammates house since it was very, very late….or very, very early morning, depending on how you look at it… we picked her up from there this morning before going to work.

It’s about a half hour drive to our house from where she spent the night, and that’s when I realized just how quiet and peaceful our lives have been while she was away. Not saying I didn’t miss her, but the peace and quiet is now over.

All in all it sounds like the girls had a great trip and I’m glad that Erika got to be a part of it. Congratulations to the Cambridge United U17 Girls Soccer Team!! Disney Champions!!!

GuelphMercury – Bishop Mac trying to beat the ‘odds’

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GuelphMercury – Bishop Mac trying to beat the ‘odds’.

Bishop Mac trying to beat the ‘odds’

Celtic girls soccer team had great success in ’07, ’09, ’11 but are finally on a roll in an even year

GUELPH — The Bishop Macdonell Celtics are contemplating a different approach to this District 10 high school girls’ soccer season.

The Celtics are perennially contenders who seem to reach the final every other year. They were finalists in 2007, champions in 2009 and finalists again last year. In the 2008 and ’10, they were knocked out in the semifinals.

“That’s the difference this year,” Bishop Mac coach Phil DiNucci said. “We really want to use league play as a springboard to the playoffs as opposed to worrying about how well we do in the regular season. That means playing everybody more as opposed to trying to win every game.”

The Celtics remained undefeated in league play Thursday with a pair of 1-0 victories during the mini tournament at the Gryphon Soccer Complex. In both games, the Celtics made plenty of substitutions, sometimes replacing as many as five on the field.

As all eight teams in the league make the playoffs, the Celtics figure they’d be just as well off using the regular season to get ready for the playoffs.

“That’s going to be more of our philosophy this year,” DiNucci. “Everybody’s going to get a little bit more playing time experience so that if we have to call on some of the players, they’ve got some playing time behind them and they’re confident enough. That’s what we’re going to build on.”

Thursday, Bishop Mac defeated the Centre Wellington Falcons on a goal by Reighan Pflug and then nipped the Lourdes Crusaders on a goal by Erika McFarlane. The wins go with a scoreless tie with the Ross Royals earlier in the week.

Photo from the newspaper article. Erika in the background.

“We’re in a happy place,” DiNucci said. “The girls are really motivated this year and they like one another a lot. Our expectations, while always high, aren’t unrealistic. I think they think they can play with all the teams in District 10 and play well.”

The Celtics feature a nice mix of ages as they have four players who are in Grade 12, four in Grade 11, six in Grade 10 and four in Grade 9.

For the younger players, especially those who play rep soccer, there is a bit of an adjustment period when it comes to the high school game as they could be playing against girls who are four years older.

“It’s a different kind of game,” DiNucci said. “It’s not always the finesse style of game where they’re playing with a lot of control so you’ve got to adapt to that. That’s an important element because any team can beat any other team on any given day. They realize now that it’s not about how good you are, it’s about if you can play against another team in the right way.”

CWOSSA Cross Country…..

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I’m a little disappointed that I missed Erika’s race yesterday. Her school ran as a team in the Senior girls cross-country race for CWOSSA. I watched her run CWOSSA in grade 9 and grade 10 , but I missed her grade 11 race. I guess sometimes there are things you just can’t get out of at work to go watch a race….. 😦

If you don’t understand how qualifying for OFSAA in cross-country racing works (and I say that because my husband and I had trouble understanding how it worked the first year Erika ran in High School), you run as a team (of 4) or as an individual if there are not enough runners from your school in your age group. The top 3 individual runners move on to OFSAA and the top 2 teams move on. For example, if you finished in 4th place but one of the top three finishers belonged to a team that finished as 1st or 2nd then you would be bumped up as an individual to 3rd place. As a team member you could qualify for OFSAA even if you personally finished in 146th place but if you ran as an individual and finished in 4th place you don’t move on…..weird way to do it but there it is.

In grade 9, Erika was the only cross-country runner in the Midget age group from her school so she ran as an individual and finished in 4th place, missing the opportunity to go to OFSAA by one spot because the top 3 finishers were all individual runners.

Grade 9 CWOSSA....Off to a good start

Approaching the finish line....4th place

Coming through the shute.....not so pleased with her results.

In grade 10 Erika ran as an individual again and finished in 5th place, but one of the top three runners belonged to a team so 4th place moved up to 3rd place and Erika moved to 4th so she missed qualifying for OFSAA again by one spot.

Grade 10 CWOSSA......start

Crossing the finish line.

This year in grade 11 Erika got to run as part of a team and they finished as a team in third place…..again missing the opportunity to move on to OFSAA by one spot.

Team Mate crossing the finish line.....Erika is seconds behind.

Crossing the finish line....20th place.

All in all Erika had a great race and should be very proud of herself, she finished the 5000 meter race in 20th place out of 182 grade 11 and 12 girls with a time of 20:46:25. Erika’s already looking forward to next years Cross Country season!!

A Beautiful Sunday…..

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What a beautiful day!!

Last Sunday we were sitting in the freezing cold rain, huddled together to try to stay warm,  watching a University soccer game and this Sunday was nice and warm and sunny….October weather sure can change from one week to the next!!

My husband and I missed our breakfast date yesterday because I was working 😦 so this morning we got up and went for our Saturday morning breakfast…..a day late.

After breakfast we had time to kill while waiting for stores to open……this being Sunday, not Saturday……so we decided to go for a walk along one of the many trails in the area. Luckily, I had my trusty little camera with me (as I usually do) so I could take a few pictures along the way. I feel very blessed to live in a city that is just as beautiful as my home town village community. 🙂

Today was such a beautiful sunny fall day……one of the last few we will no doubt have before the snow falls.

9th place=1st place……

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I am finally thawed out……

I stood out in the freezing cold rain today to watch my daughter run D10 Cross Country. While I was standing there I made my Facebook status: “Standing in the pouring rain at Cross Country D10…..what is wrong with me??” A couple of friends reminded me  of what is wrong with me…..  “It’s called what we do for the people we LOVE!” and “Nothing wrong, just being a mom.” They are absolutely right….there is no other reason to put oneself through such misery. Thank you for the reminder ladies. 🙂

In grades 9 and 10 Erika was D10 Cross Country Champion….but not in grade 11. This year she finished 9th, a respectable finish, but not a championship.

D10 Champion Grade 9

D10 Champion Grade 10

9th place finish Grade 11

What was different this year? Several things.

This year Erika ran with grade 11 and 12 girls….not just her own age group, this year Erika has done nothing in the way of training… this time any other year she would have already been playing hockey and would have been doing dryland training, and cross-country training. Most importantly what is different this year is that Erika did not want to run Cross Country, her school coaches talked her into it.

I believe that if an athlete has made a decision to give up a sport, no amount of convincing from coaches, parents or peers can change that person’s mind to continue that sport. Oh, they may continue out of guilt or a desire to please, but their heart will not be in it. The desire to compete has to come from within, if your heart isn’t in it you will not perform at your best. That has been Erika this year…..she has participated in the races but has not finished well, she hasn’t really cared.

Modelling her beautiful soaking wet pre-race outfit.

The top runners at the start

3 of the 4 Celtics running together.

Edging ahead coming out of the woods.

Coming through the shute....a little wobbly.

Cold, wet and ready to go home....

What good thing do I see that might have come out of today’s race? Erika may have found her desire to run again. Running has always come easy for Erika and she has never really pushed herself to compete, she has just run hard enough to win but has never cared enough to push herself…..until today. Today she had a reason to push, she wasn’t just running for herself, she was running as part of a team. Her school had enough runners to make up a team in the Senior level and the girls finished in 5th, 6th, 8th and 9th place. As a team they finished in first place! So, while Erika didn’t personally finish her race in first place today, she ran her best to help her team mates finish in first place. She is now looking forward to her next run at CWOSSA and if the team can finish in the top 4 they will go on to OFSAA in Ottawa.

The 4 Celtic runners after their big finish.

Congrats to BMCHS senior girls for their top place finish today in the freezing cold and rain, and Congrats to Erika…..I am very proud of you. 🙂


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Tonight was the Ceremony for Athletic Achievements at City Hall for Erika’s soccer team……along with 8 other teams and several individuals.

While the girls took their place in front of their parents, siblings, friends and peers, and were congratulated by the Mayor and Councillors, this is what was read:

“THAT the Cambridge United U16 Girls Soccer Team be commended for Placing 1st in the Western Ontario Youth Soccer League and have now been promoted to the Ontario Youth Soccer League. This is the first time that a team from Cambridge Youth Soccer has been promoted to the OYSL, which is the highest level of youth soccer in Ontario. Team members included:  Dana Milani, Alex Vieira, Jenna Cardoso, Kayla Coehlo, Mikayla Bryan, Aubrey Formica, Alexis Gallant, Cathy Bekhyt, Keziah Johnson, Sydney Crowe, Katie Gauthier and Team Captains Meghan McCauley and Erika McFarlane. Coaching Team consisted of Head Coach Kevin Johnson, Assistant Coach Tony Bryan, Manager Patti McCauley and Trainer Tatum Johnson.”

A team of very pretty, athletic girls......and their coach. 🙂

Each of the team members were presented with a certificate of Achievement for Athletic Excellence signed by the Mayor.

Erika with her Certificate.

In order to qualify for this award a nomination form was submitted which noted the girls achievements this season.

Description of achievements this year:

The Cambridge United U16 (Under 16) Girls Soccer team plays in the WOYSL (Western Ontario Youth Soccer League) and traveled to Sarnia, Windsor, London, and Woolwich throughout the season.  This year the U16 team finished in first place although there is still one game to be played on September 11th.  This first place finish gives the Cambridge United U16 Girls a promotion to the Ontario Youth Soccer League which is the highest level of soccer in Ontario.

In addition to regular season play, Cambridge United played in two tournaments.  The first tournament was the Barrie Spiritfest.  In a combined U17/U16 division, Cambridge was undefeated after round robin play.  In the semi-finals, the team played U17 Barrie Spirit A team which ended in a 0-0 tie at the end of regulation.  Cambridge advanced on penalty kicks for an opportunity to play against the host U16A Barrie Spirit.  In the finals, the girls capped off a very impressive weekend with a 3 – 0 win to earn the title of Barrie Spiritfest Champions.

The second tournament was the renowned 45th Robbie International Tournament in Toronto.  Cambridge played against the Bonivatal Flames from Winnipeg, the West Ottawa Warriors and the Wexford Flury and ended up in 1st place after round robin play.   After winning the semi-final game, they moved to the finals against a strong NSD Saints team from Calgary.  After a hard fought game in extreme heat and only one substitute player, Cambridge won 2-0 to capture the championship title.

Why do you feel this team is deserving of this Award? 

This team of young female athletes definitely need to be recognized for an accomplishment that has never occurred before in Cambridge.  Because this team has won the WOYSL league, they are promoted to the OYSL (Ontario Youth Soccer League).  This is the top level of soccer in the province and this is the first time a Cambridge Youth Soccer team has been promoted to the OYSL in the history of the league.

These young athletes practice twice a week at minimum and play each game with intensity and determination.  They began indoor training in October of last year and have honed their soccer and endurance skills.  In May they moved outdoor and began a five month season.  In April, the team travelled to the United States and played against two University varsity teams – Tiffin University in Tiffin, Ohio and Mercyhurst College in Erie, Pennsylvania.  The third game was played in Rochester, New York where they faced a regional New York State team.  This tour gave the girls an opportunity to play at a higher level and they competed in all matches.  They also spent a weekend in May at Wilfred Laurier University playing against U17 and U18 teams from London and Brantford.  Again, the team played exceptionally well in all matches despite poor weather conditions of cold and rain.  The team and coaches stayed in the dormitory at Laurier which was an excellent team bonding experience for the girls and gave them the opportunity to build relationships which translated onto the field.

The Cambridge United U16 Girls Soccer team is comprised of players, parents, and coaching staff who always represent Cambridge with the utmost of dignity and sportsmanship.  All thirteen players had great individual accomplishments that made this team achieve excellence.

Season Standings:

Congratulations to the Cambridge United U16 Girls on a job well done!!!

My weekend…..

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Friday afternoon my son Nick arrived for the weekend. He’s only been gone for two weeks but it was nice to have a little visit with him. We didn’t actually see him that much since he wanted to spend time with his friends as well.  I did however manage to get him to the park for some fall pics….a weekend later than the rest of the kids, but better late than never.

Saturday was a day of mostly relaxation with a little bit of baking thrown in. Accidental baking, my husband said he felt like baking something…..he meant he felt like eating something baked, not that he wanted to do the baking……so cinnamon rolls it was, and then we made homemade pizza together for dinner. My husband found it necessary to take pictures of me baking……possibly because it doesn’t happen very often.

The baked goods….

Sunday was a day of sports…..not sports any of our kids were playing…….other people’s kids sports. Erika’s old hockey team was playing their home opener so we decided there wasn’t anything better to do on a wet rainy Sunday morning than to go watch Midget A girls hockey. Do I miss hockey? I miss watching Erika play hockey but I don’t miss being at the rink an hour before game time and standing around the rink after the game waiting for Erika to come out of the dressing room….she was always one of the last one’s out, I think she was afraid she would miss something if she was the first one out.

Erika sitting with Momma Sid, watching her old team-mates.

After the hockey game (which ended in a 1-1 tie) we came home long enough to change into winter clothes to go watch University Women’s Soccer. Erika’s soccer coach invited her and a couple of team mates to watch the game between York and Guelph University and to speak with the York coach after the game. It was a cold wet game…typical soccer weather…….but a fun game to watch. The game ended in a 0-0 tie, so no goals to cheer.

Watching the game

Our little group of fans

After the freezing cold game we came home to warm up and then took Nick to the bus station so he could catch his bus back home.

It was a very enjoyable weekend despite the cold wet rain, but family and sports (and baked goods) are some of my favorite things so that made it a great weekend. 🙂